5 Best Browsers that Support Katalon Studio [Latest Version]

Explore our expert-picked browsers that Support Katalon Studio

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  • Katalon Studio is the most popular automation testing software tool developed by Katalon.
  • For running Katalon Studio efficiently, browsers require some unique features.
  • Opera and Chrome are the most preferred among the browsers mentioned. Don't hesitate to try them.
katalon studio browser support
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Katalon Studio is the most popular automation testing software tool developed by Katalon. This software is built using open-source automation frameworks like Selenium and Appium.

It is a specialized low code test automation solution for the web, API, mobile, and desktop apps. Katalon Studio also offers native CI/CD integrations.

For running Katalon Studio efficiently, browsers require some unique features. Keep reading this post to learn all about Katalon Studio browser support.

Is Katalon better than Selenium?

Both Katalon and Selenium are good testing tools. Selenium is good for integrating other tools and frameworks to enhance its capability. But the testing team should have strong programmers.

However, Katalon Studio integrates frameworks and features for fast execution and creation of test cases. Therefore, it’s best for testers who have limited technical knowledge.

How do you automate a web application using Katalon?

Anything could go wrong wild applying to a website. Many potential risks include broken links, difficult navigation, web security, etc.

Below are some steps to effectively test and automate a web application using Katalon:

  • Carry out cross-browser compatibility testing
  • Select key parameters for usability tests
  • Execute performance tests 
  • Apply tests to all elements, third-party, and extensions of the web app
  • Ensure load tests are incrementally performed
  • Incorporate exploratory testing into the 
  • Keep URL strings unalterable 

What browsers does Katalon Studio support?

Opera – Save and collect web content easily

katalon studio browser support

If you want something as lightweight yet speedy as your browser, Opera is the way to go. This Chrome-powered browser is considered a more sophisticated version of Google Chrome.

One of its distinguishing features is a hotlist that functions as a web directory and offers Katalon Studio browser support. It may, however, be easily removed based on the user’s preferences.

Aside from that, one of Opera’s features is keyboard and mouse controls. Many plugins are also available, including RealAudio, RealVideo, and ShockWave.


Try this new-age browser to benefit from app integration and the latest navigation tools.

Google Chrome – Sync with Google services and accounts

Chrome offers the best Katalon Studio browser support. It provides a refined and private surfing experience. Also, various add-ons and privacy settings are available.

Because Chrome is cross-platform, it is convenient to sync data across your devices. In addition, it provides a variety of add-ons to make your browsing experience more convenient.

The Chrome browser uses AES-256 encryption standards to secure local passwords and cookies. It also uses the data protection API integrated into the operating system to handle encryption sources.

 Get Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge – Simple privacy controls

katalon studio browser support

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The Edge browser is now offered as an alternative to Internet Explorer. It has many benefits and features that set it apart from popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

It offers Katalon Studio browser support because of its strength and integrated anti-phishing and virus defenses. Also, Edge meets all the Katalon studio system requirements.

Microsoft also improved the browser’s gaming capabilities by adding a customizable gaming home page. It includes exclusive Xbox features and selected content to enhance users’ gaming experience.

 Get Microsoft Edge

Safari Browser – Check a Privacy Report

katalon studio browser support

Next on our list is Apple’s own Safari web browser. Safari is the fastest web browser based on a fast JavaScript engine.

It is supported only on Apple devices. But offers many robust customization options like powerful privacy protection and reduced loading.

Regarding security, Safari always encrypts information exchange with the website. Therefore, it will protect your login information, credit card numbers, addresses, and other secure data.

Firefox Browser – Enhanced Tracking Protection

The Firefox browser is the first choice among all privacy-oriented web browsers. In addition, the browser supports 128-bit SSL encryption making it one of the best browser Katalon Studio support.

Its stealth mode automatically avoids trackers without having to use the incognito mode. Some other features Firefox offers are default ad blocking and tracking, Siri shortcuts, and a clean user interface.

Mozilla Firefox is the best browser for all browsing requirements, but the lack of tabs could be frustrating sometimes.

Many users have complained about Firefox not responding in Windows 11. If you’re among those, read this post to fix this issue.

⇒ Get Firefox

Can we automate the Windows application using Katalon?

Yes, automation of Windows applications is possible using Katalon Studio. Users can automate many Windows desktop applications following a no-code, point-and-click approach.

This allows automatically recording actions on a Windows desktop and then turning manual, repetitive steps into automated workflows.

These were the browsers that support Katalon Studio’s latest version. Among the above-mentioned, Opera and Chrome are the two most recommended once you can try.

Please let us know if the guide was helpful in the comments below.

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