KB4015221 for Windows 10 version 1507 includes useful IE bug fixes

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This month’s Patch Tuesday includes a new cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1507. Titled Update KB4015221, it contains six improvements, out of which four are Internet Explorer bug fixes.

This update replaces the previously released update KB4016637. You can download and install KB4015221 through Windows Update or get the standalone package from the Microsoft Update Catalog website.

KB4015221 fixes and improvements:

  • Addressed issue where the copy operation fails when copying a file that has Encrypted File System (EFS) encryption to a share that is not encrypted by EFS.
  • Addressed an issue where CredentialGuard-enabled computers joined to Active Directory domains submit two bad logon attempts each time a bad password is provided during a Kerberos-based logon. Logons to Active Directory domains with arbitrarily low account lockout thresholds may be subject to unexpected account lockouts. For example, 2 logons with a bad password could result in an account being locked out if the account lockout threshold is set to 3 or 4.
  • Addressed issue that prevents the launch of the Delete Browsing History window in Internet Explorer.
  • Addressed a memory leak in Internet Explorer when hosting pages containing nested framesets that load cross domain content.
  • Addressed additional issues with updated time zone information, updates to the Access Point Name database and Internet Explorer.
  • Security updates to Scripting Engine, libjpeg image-processing library, Hyper-V, Win32k, Adobe Type Manager Font Driver, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Graphics component, .NET Framework,  Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Windows kernel mode drivers and Windows OLE.

If you installed earlier updates, only the new KB4015221 fixes will be installed on your computer.

If you’ve encountered any issues after installing KB4015221, use the comment section below to tell us more about your experience.



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