Windows 10 KB4034674 bugs: keyboard won’t work, apps won’t open, and more

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KB4034674 bugs

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Microsoft released Windows 10 KB4034674 a few days ago, adding a series of bug fixes and improvements to the system. Unfortunately, this update also brings issues of its own.

If you haven’t installed KB4034674 yet, check out this article to find out what are the most common issues reported by users on Microsoft’s forum.

KB4034674 reported bugs

  • Left-click won’t work

I had to uninstall this update (KB4034674) due to it disabling my ability to left click on Start Menu, Acton Center and my network icon ins the system tray.

  • Certain keys in gaming keyboards won’t work

Interestingly enough, most of the reports refer to the SteelSeries Merc Stealth gaming keyboards. It appears that there is a compatibility issue between this update and Merc keyboards.

This Update breaks the software for my Steelseries Merc gaming Keyboard. And I have them on Three different PC’s all of them will not recognize the Keyboard software, after the update, which means the Extra keys on the Keyboard only function as web browser forward and backwards which is no use to me as I have these keyboards set up for the games I play. Removing this Update enables the Keyboard and the software to function again.

  • PC won’t recover from sleep properly

My Windows got updated with KB4034674. After that, every time I wanted to return from Sleep, I was taken into Recovery and had to Restart my PC because the system wouldn’t start. Clean restart works.  I tried unninstalling this update, with no result. Eventually, I fixed this by using System Restore.

  • Apps are grayed out

cumulative update KB4034674 installed itself today. That is the good news. But there is bad news as well. A large number of apps  are greyed out on the Start Menu and Live at a glance. The ones I use often, which no longer work {This App Can’t Open] include Calculator, Calendar, Mail, Maps, Photos, and Store. Microsoft Edge is greyed-out but opens from the Start Screen.

  • Microsoft Edge closes itself

Microsoft Edge doesn’t work after installing KB4021572 and KB4034674. Browser window opens for about 30 seconds then closes itself. All history and cookies seem to have been deleted too. Chrome and Explorer 11 both work.

These 5 issues are the most common bugs triggered by KB4034674. To fix some of them, check out the articles below:


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