Windows 10 KB4058258 fails to install and breaks audio

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KB4058258 issues

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Microsoft has had an irregular update release pattern lately. The company rolled out quite a large number of patches in January and wanted to end the month in style, so it pushed another update right on January 31.

Windows 10 KB4058258 fixes a few monitor color issues, improves caption and subtitle rendering in video playback and adds additional fixes for the annoying unbootable state error on AMD computers.

For more information about the full changelog, you can check out Microsoft’s Support page.

This update also brings three known issues to the table. Actually, two of them (error 0x80070643 and install issues on PCs running certain antivirus tools) are inherited from the previous release.

As far as the third issue is concerned, you should know that after installing this update, some users may experience issues logging into some websites when using third-party account credentials in Microsoft Edge.

Windows 10 KB4058258 bugs

Unfortunately, the list of bugs doesn’t end here. Users reported additional issues on Microsoft’s forum. We’ll list them below so that you know what to expect in terms of bugs.

  • KB4058258 requires a restart to finish installing

Many users complained that the update keeps on asking them to restart their computers in order to complete the install process. However, despite having restarted the machines several times, the issue persists.

I updated with this today but it says KB4058258 Requires a restart to finish installing Any help? Restarted about 4 times

Solution: Uninstall the update. Then manually download and install KB4058258  from Microsoft’s Update Catalog website.

Other users reported getting errors 0x80073715 and 0x80070bc2 while trying to install the update. Manually downloading and installing the update may help you fix the problem.

  • Audio stopped working

Audio problems seem to be quite common among users. If audio is unavailable on your computer, perhaps the best solution is to uninstall the update.

today my audio completely cut out. It worked perfectly up until today, and I don’t think there was any significant change or update, so I’m not sure why it stopped working. […] there are several updates appearing in the Windows Update menu and its “View installed update history” section […] One of these is “2018-01 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1709 for x64-based Systems (KB4058258).” I tried the Windows Update troubleshooter, but to no success.

As you can see, KB4058258 doesn’t cause any major issues, such as crashes or BSOD errors. However, the bugs listed above can sometimes become very annoying.

So, have you installed KB4058258 on your Windows 10 computer? Did you encounter any other issues?


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