Black Friday 2021 keyboard deals for blazing fast typing

Your keyboard is perhaps the peripheral that’s most exposed to excessive wear. So, don’t wait until some of your keys become unresponsive to get a new keyboard.

Whether you use your keyboard mainly for typing or playing games, you’ll definitely find the keyboard of your dreams in this list.

Best keyboards for typing, gaming and business use

PC keyboards

If you own a laptop or a desktop computer, a good keyboard is a must, especially if you’re doing a lot of typing. Not all keyboards on the market work well with your PC. That’s why we’ve gathered the best ones that won’t give you headaches and will also help you save a few bucks.

Cross platform

These keyboards focus less on practicality and ergonomics, and more on connectivity and cross platform use. They are ideal if you own multiple devices and like to type on the same keyboard on all of them. Check them out and choose the best one for you.


When it comes to good keyboards, there are a lot of manufacturers that have interesting options on the market. Some of them bring amazing build quality to the table, others good prices, while others focus on usability and versatility. Take a look at the best deals from the most well renowned manufacturers in the world.


Gamers know very well the importance of the keyboard when it comes to split-second decisions and amazing precision. From the membrane and the response time, to the RGB lighting and customization, gaming keyboards help you get a step ahead of the competition.


Backlighting is a preference for some, while for others is a necessity. Some keyboards offer monochrome backlighting and others use RGB lighting and dedicated software to control it. Check out the best backilt keyboard deals and choose the one that best fits your needs.


While a normal keyboard is OK for most, some people prefer the feel and sound of a mechanical keyboard. These kind of keyboards offer amazing feedback and can increase your productivity, typing speed, and comfortability quite a lot.


If you’re tired of cables all over your desk, then your best option is a wireless keyboard. Besides the cable-free environment, another big advantage is the fact that you can connect it to multiple devices. Also, you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Water resistant

If you’re usually clumsy and tend to spill liquids on your keyboard, check out these water resistant keyboards. Forget about buying a new one every time you ruin it with water, juice, or coffee. Take a look at these awesome deals and grab the one that’s best for you.


If you’ve invested a significant amount of money in a brand new keyboard, then it’s only fair to get a keyboard sleeve, as well. You can use the sleeve to carry your keyboard and keep it away from scratches, dust, or any other things that can ruin its looks and feel. Don’t hesitate and grab one of these deals right now.

Keyboards are some of the most important peripherals. Used with a PC, tablet, console, or even a smart TV, it offers great input, fast typing capabilities, and amazing versatility. Don’t forget to bookmark this page to always be up to date with the latest deals and discounts on the best keyboard available on the market.