Kibana server is not ready yet? These 3 fixes may work for you

by Ivan Jenic
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Kibana Server Is Not Ready Yet
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Known widely for handling large amounts of data, Kibana is a powerful visualization tool for transforming data into useful pie-charts, line graphs, maps, and other forms.

In addition to this, it allows professionals to monitor application performance and database functionality. Unfortunately, many users have until now inquired about it, saying that an error has been persisting that the Kibana server is not ready yet.

If the same error is creating trouble for you, follow the instructions given in this article to get rid of it easily.

Kibana Service Not Running

Due to multiple reasons, this error can occur. However, the most common that why it happens is that you don’t change the values for ElasticSearch_URL environment in Kibana deployment from default ones to yours.

Hence, you are supposed to change the default values in the Helm Chart.

1. Updating The Values

If you, while setting up ELK services, face an error, which says that the Kibana server is not ready yet, you can fix it by updating the values within the Helm Chart.

Follow the steps described below to understand how you can do it.

Kibana Server Is Not Ready Yet

  1. Firstly, you are to upgrade the values within the Helm Chart in the following way:
    helm upgrade -f new-values.yml {release name} {package name or path}
  2. The default values for yml for Elastic-stack Helm Chart can be found online.
  3. Replace ElasticSearch_URL environment variable concerning Kibana deployment as:
    • kubectl edit deployment elk-kibana
    • kubectl delete pod <elk-kibana-Pod-name>
  4. Wait until the newly applied values are executed properly by Kubernetes.

2. Deleting The Versioned Indices

Another way to tackle this problem is by deleting the versioned indices and restarting Kibana. It involves the following stages.

Kibana Server Is Not Ready Yet

  1. Firstly, try to delete the versioned indices:
    -XDELETE http://localhost:9200/.kibana_1
    systemctl restart cabana
  2. Restart.
  3. If still, this does not work, verify if you have a versioned index.
  4. If you there is, delete the original .kibana:
    -XDELETE http://localhost:9200/.kibana

    Now, alias it as:
    curl -X POST “localhost:9200/_aliases” -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -d’ { “actions” : [ { “add” : { “index” : “.kibana_1”, “alias” : “.kibana” } } ] }’
  1. Restart Kibana again.

3. Matching The Versions Of Elasticsearch and Kibana

Kibana Server Is Not Ready Yet

The simplest way to resolve this issue, in this specific case, is to match the versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana. Sometimes users facing this error are unaware that they are using two different versions of both programs.

So it’s crucial for the removal of this error that you must use the same version of Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Make sure that you are using both Elasticsearch and Kibana 6.5.0, as this will create harmony between both, thereby avoiding the possibilities of many errors.


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