5 best software for KP Astrology that are worth your time

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by Madalina Dinita
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Best Software for KP Astrology
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KP Astrology is an often-heard term and is among one of the popular astrology systems. It’s based on Stellar Astrology where the astrologers study the position of the Nakshatras (Stars).

They then create a chart based on the results and predict an event accordingly. To make the calculations easier and obtain results faster, astrologers are now using the best software for KP Astrology.

The online KP horoscope software programs are for those who have been preparing the charts manually all these days. While these programs save time, they also generate predictions accurately.

The KP system is one of the simplest methods that follows an an-easy-to-apply concept. While it’s very similar to the Vedic Astrology, it also borrows some techniques from the Western Astrology.

KP system works on the same 12 zodiac signs that are commonly defined worldwide. Let’s see some of the best software for KP Astrology that makes life simpler for the professionals.

Best online and offline KP Horoscope software


KP ASTRO 4.5 Best Software for KP Astrology

KP System or the Krishnamurti Padhdhati works on the Placidus method for which it should get correct calculations. The KP Astro 4.5 software helps achieve that accuracy using the right set of tools.

Beginners can create Natal and Horary charts with different types of significator tables effortlessly.

Simultaneously, experienced astrologers can also benefit from different features like the panchang, birth time correction, transit charts, chart animation, finding eclipse, horoscope matching, and so on.

Download KP Astro 4.5

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ASTROWONDER Best Software for KP Astrology

For those who are looking for an exhaustive KP astrology tool that’s loaded with features, Astrowonder can be a great solution.

Designed and developed by top astrologers, this is hands down one of the best software for KP astrology for the professional astrologers. The software is known for its accurate calculation and an extensive collection of tools for charts or analysis.

The program provides support for casting charts that ranges from 4000 BC to 4000 AD. Moreover, it allows users to enter birth time up to milliseconds.

It features a database of over 2.6 lakh cities with DST calculation, over 250 types of charts for Vedic system, over 30 charts types for KP system, and over 20 chart types for Cuspal Link Theory.

Movements charts, horary system, sarvatobhadra chart, or support for geographical positions are some of its other major features.



KPStarOne Best Software for KP Astrology

KPStarOne is advanced software that’s specially designed for the KP system users. It offers highly accurate comprehensive KP Ephemeris with sub level changes in time, Panchang components, and chart for the moment.

Users get a choice of KPNA that’s an all-time popular Ayanamsa. Best of all, it comes loaded with a database of Latitude, Longitude, Altitude and time zone of 1.2lakhs plus populated cities or towns.

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Moreover, it offers 4 step significators, house rotations, TSP or theory of short prediction, Natal, and Transit ruling planets, or different charts (Varshaphal, Tithi Pravesh, Transit & Navamsa), are some of its other major features.

As a bonus, the software comes with a new and clean interface that user-friendly and easy to work with.

Download KPStarOne

KP Software Leostar

KP Software Leostar Best Software for KP Astrology

KP & Horary systems are considered the best in astrology and also among the most popular when it’s about generating answers as required by the querist.

For this, accurate calculations are required and KP software Leostar makes it easy to generate accurate predictions. In fact, the software comes with a list of questions from where the users can choose the one that matches their query.

Users can also save their own new questions related to the house and the planets in this PC software. Once the details are saved, the response is generated based on the house and the planet position with possible time and event in percentage.

The response can help users get their answers for their queries. When adding a new question which is out of the categories already mentioned in the program, they must mention the planets and the houses related to the question.

Download KP software Leostar

KP Astrology by Astrosage

KP Astrology Best Software for KP Astrology

Astrosage is a widely used astrology software worldwide that offers all types of astrological solutions for the querist. Apart from daily, weekly, or yearly horoscopes, panchang, kundli/birth chart, and horoscope matching services, it also offers KP Astrology.

Users can visit the KP System page under the website where they get access to quick links like – KP Panchang Now, Make KP Chart Online, GPS Horary Software, KP Horary Chart Online, and more.

They can simply click on these links based on their requirement and get solutions accordingly. They can also check the KP Astrology Tutorial section or What is KP System to understand the concept before they raise their queries.

The website offers enough help and guidance related to the KP system with direct access links that makes it one of the best software for KP Astrology.

Download Astrosage

Final Words

While KP Astrology is one of the simplest techniques in Hindu Astrology, it also generates the most accurate predictions for an event. So, get a precise look into your happening and non-happening moments in your life with the best software for KP astrology.


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