5 best language training software for Windows

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language training tools

Language training software are online programs that are able to teach you another language, and you can also use such software to brush up on a language that you are also familiar with.

Each program comes with different strengths, interfaces and also approaches to teaching and choosing the best one for yourself will definitely depend only on your goals and preferences.

Whether you are a total beginner or a more experienced speaker, you will want a program that is the right one for your education level.

Language training software for PC

1. Rosetta Stone

This is one of the most efficient language learning programs on the market, and it comes with 30 language courses that include German, French, Italian and Spanish. Currently, this program is used by the US military, government agencies, learning institutions and all kinds of top business around the globe to help eliminate language barriers. Take a look at the most important features that it comes with:

  • It comes with a pattern-based learning method.
  • Learning is divided into five levels that determine the content of each package.
  • The software comes with CDs, online coaches, voice recognition software and more.
  • It also comes with mobile apps that provide students a more extensive choice of media.
  • You can also download the complete course.
  • Rosetta Stone comes with a headset, voice recognition software, and microphone.
  • The Live Conversation feature will help users refine their conversation skills.

Rosetta Stone is ideal for entry-level users or people who don’t have any prior experience with a particular language. The program’s methodology allows discovering patterns, and it starts by building a simple vocabulary that will progress into phrases and so on. The course is also reinforced with images.

2. Transparent Language Software

Transparent Language Software started way back in 1991, and it managed to develop into software that mainly focuses on providing language services to government, corporate and to the general public as well. It consists of a comprehensive learning course that offers over 100 languages, and it also comes with a free trial version for beginners and EveryVoice feature for speaking practice. Check out more essential features:

  • There are various plans for each course including Transparent Language Online, Everywhere Audio Course, Byki Mobile, Transparent Language Complete, and Transparent Connect Live Tutoring.
  • The program comes with its unique language teaching strategy.
  • You can adapt and customize the learning programs to meet your skill level and proficiency.
  • It comes with a friendly-user interface.
  • The program’s features are designed to make learning a new language as simple as possible.
  • The teaching methodology is suitable for teaching children as well.
  • The software’s lessons are created by linguist experts.
  • The lessons are based on neuroscience to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Transparent Language is one of the most popular language software services used to meet personal and corporate users’ needs. It provides the latest technology and easy learning as well.

3. Fluenz Language Software

This software takes a comprehensive and more advanced approach toward teaching users a new language. Fluenz deals with how the language is being used by a native speaker and this is sometimes quite different compared to how the English language is structured. Building a vocabulary via memorizing is not enough, and this program also teaches you how to structure sentences correctly. Here are the most important features:

  • The course utilizes all available media to create a comprehensive learning program.
  • You will be able to learn via videos, written material, and audio.
  • It also comes with a voice recognition program that will keep track of your progress,
  • There is also a classroom mode where a tutor motivates you.
  • You will be immersed in a world of multimedia.
  • The program will use sound and sight to fully engage you.
  • Fluenz provides lots of exercises just enough to keep you interested.

The program’s courses are designed to work from a native speaker’s perspective who wants to learn a new language. That particular language is broken down into its components, and you can study how it works. You will have a different approach for each language according to its features. You will also get explanations on the way that sentences are structured and also an overview of more aspects of the language.

4. Pimsleur Language Software

This is a language course developed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur who is a recognized expert in the field of linguistics. The program offers over 50 languages. The most exciting thing about this software is that it claims that you only need 30 minutes per day to learn a new language. The software is mainly audio-based, and you are advised to listen to daily lessons. There are 30 daily lessons for each level and five levels in a complete course. Here are more essential features of this software:

  • If you are a visual learner, there is also an enhanced version of the program with interactive components called Pimsleur Unlimited.
  • The program focuses on organic learning and the way that children acquire their communication skills.
  • New words are gradually introduced with increasing intervals of time.
  • The program provides Graduated Interval Recall for building your memory.
  • It’s based on the Principle of Anticipation for triggering automatic brain responses.
  • The Core Vocabulary is focused on learning.
  • The Organic Learning feature provides a personalized manner of learning.

Pimsleur is an excellent way to start learning a new language, and it’s also great for students. This is definitely one of the best language programs on the market these days.

5. Linguotica Language Software

Linguotica is a language learning service that teaches you French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese o students all over the world. This learning platform provides students the opportunity to learn a new language at home and the software comes with a seven-day free trial period. The teaching method is based on the individual learning curve, and each one of the sessions strengthens memory and language comprehension. Check out the essential features of this program below:

  • The program has its own language learning science that is designed to bring the most learning for each session.
  • The software uses smart learning science that can adapt to a student’s learning pace and skill level as well.
  • The learning process allows you to start from where you left off.
  • The program also tracks your learning progress.
  • Linguotica provides a fun and productive learning process via leaning sessions and tests.
  • It provides extended flexibility to adapt to each individual’s needs.

Overall, Linguotica is the perfect choice for students who work best by studying on their own. This language learning method is designed with speed and flexibility in mind, and its smart learning science provides different sets of learning curves. This is the ideal choice for students who want to learn a new language in the comfort of their home and at their own pace away from the highly structured learning process that is currently being used in traditional schools.

These are the five best language training programs for Windows, and they all have their own unique features and learning methods appropriate for all kinds of users. Depending on the type of user you are and on your skill level, you should analyze all these programs’ features and choose the best software for your needs and preferences in learning a new language. Good luck!


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