Choosing laptop backpacks for gamers is akin to scouting for a bag for traveling because you’re not only carrying your laptop but your gaming gear and other accessories.

Some of the factors you need to consider include storage space which ranges from compartments, pockets, and other extra storage slots the backpack has to offer.

Gamers usually have many tiny, but very important gadgets besides their laptops, gaming consoles, and headsets. Such gadgets include portable speakers, USB cables, power cords, smartphones, and tablets, among other items.

If you’re looking for the best laptop backpacks for gamers, here are our top picks that will make sure you carry the fun with you wherever you go.

Best laptop backpacks for gamers

  1. Razer Rogue
  2. Ghostek NRGSolar Series
  3. Trustbag X-20
  4. Everki Titan
  5. Targus Drifter
  6. Ghostek NRGbag
  7. Bonvince
  8. CoolBELL

1. Razer Rogue backpack

laptop backpacks for gamers

This bag is built for gamers, by gamers as its tagline states. It can withstand wear, tear, and is resistant to water and other elements.

With its protective, scratch proof, and padded interior, this bag is designed to carry your laptop, devices and other accessories with comfort, regardless of the weather.

Its main pocket measures 15.6” with a dedicated laptop compartment that can fit most 15” laptops and/or notebooks, plus a second compartment for your extra gaming gear and other laptop accessories.

What’s more, it comes with padded shoulder straps and a back panel for increased comfort and ease despite the load as it evenly distributes the weight over your back ranking it among the best laptop backpacks for gamers.

2. Ghostek NRGsolar series backpack

laptop backpacks for gamers

It’s one thing to have a backpack that carries all your stuff in one place, but having a solar backpack, that’s another level of awesome.

As one of the best laptop backpacks for gamers, this versatile bag comes with a built-in 16000mAh battery and 8.8 watt detachable solar panel.

In addition, it is water resistant, comes with 5 USB ports (2 on the solar panel, 2 inside the backpack, and 1 external port), and its dedicated laptop compartment can fit laptops of 15”. It also has multiple compartments to keep your gaming gear and accessories.

All these neatly organized to fit everything you need to carry with you and still enjoy your gaming experience uninterrupted.

The shoulder straps have an integrated LED power bar indicator showing the battery status and are well padded, plus there are no chords hanging loose anywhere inside it, so you can keep your stuff without worry. It’s a life saver!

3. Trustbag X-20

laptop backpacks for gamers

Unlike other backpacks which mostly come in black color, this bag comes in three color options: black, grey and blue. It measures 20 x 12.2 x 5.7 inches, with a dedicated laptop sleeve that holds laptops that are less than 17”.

This bag is made from a durable nylon fabric, and water-resistant polyester, with a reinforced bottom perfect for carrying around your gaming gear and laptop accessories.

It has an external USB coupled with a built-in charging cable so you can juice up your electronic devices wherever you are, adding it to the list of the best laptop backpacks for gamers. Its straps are padded for comfortable portability, plus you get two sides sealed pockets to fit your water bottle.

For added protection from theft or other potential privacy breaches, this bag comes with metal zippers and a combination lock that is theft proof, reliable and keeps your stuff protected.

4. Everki Titan backpack

laptop backpacks for gamers

This bag is known as the Checkpoint Friendly laptop backpack because it opens up 180 degrees so you can quickly pass through security checks with fewer hassles.

It comes with a dedicated padded laptop compartment for 18” laptops and is resistant to various weather elements including rain, snow, and dust as it has an all-weather resistant cover.

You can carry other devices and gaming gear and accessories as it has multiple compartments for almost everything you need to move with. It may look dull on the outside, but its interior is a vibrant orange and displays everything in an organized style.

It also comes with a separate pouch and intuitive spaces for a smart organization, with buckles and straps for making any adjustments.

If you like moving around while listening to music, the Everki backpack has an audio device compartment with a cable outlet that sits at shoulder level for quick, easy, tangle-free access to earphones and headsets, keeping dust or rain from getting in.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty protection so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered against defects for the entire product life.

5. Targus Drifter backpack

laptop backpacks for gamers

This bag can fit up to 17.3-inch laptops with multiple compartments for storing your gaming gear, and other accessories, carrying them comfortably with its heavily padded, shock-absorbing shoulder straps that reduce the inconvenience that comes with backpack fatigue.

It also has a little zipper compartment at the back of the bag, which you can use as a hiding spot for your keys, or wallet.

As a gamer, you probably also have other devices and accessories such as a smartphone, tablet, music player, camera, and others. This bag caters for your digital lifestyle as its many compartments accommodate this.

You also get a microfiber-lined pouch for your sunglasses, and a zippered but padded pocket for storing anything else you want to protect.

Targus gives a limited lifetime warranty so you know you and your devices are covered. It comes in black and gray colors.

6. Ghostek NRGbag

laptop backpacks for gamers

This bag snugly fits a 15” laptop in a dedicated compartment, plus it comes with a built-in 16000mAh battery and 8.8-watt detachable solar panel.

In addition, it is water resistant, comes with 5 USB ports – 2 on the solar panel, 2 inside the backpack, and 1 external port – and an intelligent power LED indicator to display the battery status.

It is made of premium water resistant, and eco-friendly polyester material so your stuff is protected from weather elements such as rain and dust.

With the built-in chargers, you’re assured of continued gaming fun wherever you go, while keeping your phone and other devices juiced up for the journey. It is light, stylish, and sturdy.

7. Bonvince

laptop backpacks for gamers

If you’re looking for a laptop backpack for gamers that can hold laptops with screens of up to 18 inches, then this is your best bet.

With a comfortable strap design that provides extra padding for maximum support and padding, this bag won’t let you feel tired after a long journey or hours of carrying your gaming gear.

It also comes with a dedicated compartment for your laptop, zippered organizer pockets where you can carry accessories such as books, stationery, your devices, and even clothes.

There are extra pockets on the side where you can carry your umbrella or water bottle. Enjoy quality and durability with Bonvince backpack built with water-resistant ballistic nylon that keeps your precious gaming gear safe and dry.

A great plus is that you get a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty so your devices are covered.

8. CoolBELL backpack

laptop backpacks for gamers

Gamers with big screen laptops between 17 and 18 inches will agree that this is one of the top laptop backpacks for gamers as it accommodates large screen sizes comfortably.

It comes with three compartments and one front pocket. The main compartment, which is adjustable, holds the laptop.

The other two compartments can keep your gaming gear, and other accessories such as your books, documents, devices, power bank, USB cables, power cord, music player, headset, among others.

All your stuff is well protected owing to the shockproof foam padding that protects your laptop, gaming gear, and accessories from the impact of accidental drops, bumps and/or scratches.

It is also resistant to rain, and other elements because of its Oxford cloth material and polyester lining. Besides functionality, this backpack is stylish and gives its wearer an edge above the rest.

It comes in black, grey, and purple colors.

Have you found your favorite pick among these laptop backpacks for gamers? Let us know about your choice in the comments section below.