2 best lie detecting programs for Windows 10/11

by Radu Tyrsina
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  • Detecting lies has been a challenge for all specialists over the years, who have tried different methods.
  • To discover the whole truth can be difficult, and you need the best voice lie detection software.
  • We provide you with a popular voice stress analyzer that will enable you to detect the truth.
  • Another great tool can determine if your subject has doubts and if they are being truthful.
Lie detecting programs for Windows PCs

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The truth is that people lie and sometimes do it quite efficiently, which is why organizations are keen to identify deception.

Although there are lots of technologies that have been developed to determine if a person is lying, most experts agree: no foolproof method of lie detection exists.

This is saying a lot: since the early 1900s, experts have tried everything from measuring the changes in one’s blood pressure to linguistic and voice analysis, and many other methods.

Voice analysis

Usually, lie detection software uses voice analysis solutions: layered voice analysis able to identify various types of stress levels, emotional reactions and cognitive processes reflected in the subject’s voice.

Researchers found that the frequencies of the human voice are sensitive to honesty. For instance, when someone is being honest, the average sound in that range will generally be below 10Hz and will be above 10Hz only when dishonesty is prevalent.

All the muscles in our body, including our vocal chords, vibrate in the 8 to 12Hz range. This is usually considered a feedback loop and is similar to a thermostat/heater that maintains an average temperature by oscillating between higher and lower temperatures. In that same way, our muscles tighten and loosen to maintain constant tension.

When we are stressed – telling a lie, for instance, and not wanting to get caught – our body prepares for fight or flight by increasing the readiness of its muscles to spring into action. The vibration will increase from the relaxed 8 to 9 Hz to the stressful 11 to 12 Hz range.

Such vibrations are a measure of stress levels that will change from one moment to another. You surely know by now that stress can be brought up by a mere memory.

Some people have average stress levels while other people have low levels. What they all have in common is the fact that their stress levels change all the time within their current range.

Usually, the lie detection software for PCs looks for shifts in the voice and can turn out to be very reliable truth verification tools.

What are the best lie detection tools for Windows 10?

X13-VSA Voice Lie Detector Software

This tool promises to be the world’s number one voice stress analyzer. The software is a fully computerized voice stress analyzer that will enable users to detect the truth. The greatest thing is that it works in any language.

X13-VSA promises to be the only lie detection software you can trust completely while being the most advanced and cheapest VSA system in the world. The software uses state-of-the-art technology along with a high-accuracy, easy-to-use Voice Analysis Technology.

X13-VSA is an innovative, advanced and sophisticated software system that is a fully computerized voice stress analyzer that allows you to detect the truth on the spot. It is based on an intelligent algorithm that detects vocal stress.

The tool is a voice emotion analyzer that is capable of detecting deception and lies using the latest technology. It can also detect lies you hear on Skype.

The X13-VSA technology was initially developed for military use, and now you can use the same technology to detect deception. The software is a bright and elegant one and also easy to use.

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Professional studies have shown that the software’s validity, accuracy, and reliability is around 97%.

You can buy the X13-VSA Voice Lie Detector Software for $179.00, down from $299.00

Lie Detector Software eX-Sense – Voice Stress Analysis

Through voice alone, the tool can determine whether your subject has any doubts, what exactly is troubling them in a conversation, and if they are sincere.

With its help, you can turn your computer into a polygraph you can use to analyze live conversations and interviews using your computer microphone.

Phone conversations are straightforward to interpret because of their quality, and recorded phone conversations will offer you the opportunity to take your time for a more sophisticated analysis.

You can also find out who is telling the truth on recorded or on live television. You should know that digital TV offers great quality, perfect for analyzing lies and deception.

The tool uses the Sense Technology, one of the most advanced technologies in the world for voice analysis. It uses Layered Voice Analysis to listen to the minute changes that occur in the human voice.

Sense is able to analyze different layers in the voice while also providing an in-depth view into the subject’s range of emotions.

The tool’s technology is a poly-layer voice analysis that users more parameters gathered from each speech segment.

Its VoiceGraph technology is tuned in a such a way to expose extreme emotional situations that are usually associated with lies and deception.

The VoiceGraph analysis is displayed on a single bar that will change its color from green to red according to the emotional intensity associated with lying. This makes it extremely useful for recorded conversations.

The tool also uses VoiceGraph to judge the likelihood of deception and this feature better makes it helpful for analyzing an ongoing conversation.

The tool also includes something more: a Love Detector mode! The Love Detection voice algorithm is the result of four years of studies and research.  You can finally make sure your new relationships are on the right track. Find out how interested the other party really is!

Love (or lust) changes our voice dramatically. We become more excited and more concentrated when we speak with the one we want. eX-Sense can detect this in no time flat!

You can buy the eX-Sense lie detector software for $129.00, down from $199.99.

These two tools will help you detect if a person is telling the truth or not. If you’ve used other voice polygraph tools that you think we should include on this list, let us know in the comments below.

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