Linksys router Guest access will not work? Try these methods

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Linksys Guest access not working

Unfortunately, plenty of users are reporting that Guest access is not working on their Linksys router. This feature allows them to create a separate wireless network, giving visitors online access without sharing the main Wi-Fi password.

Completing the setup of the Linksys router leads to having two wireless network names. There’s one for the main network, and another for the Guest network.

The Guest network appears as unsecured when searching for wireless networks. However, it should prompt for the Guest password the second someone tries to open a webpage in a browser.

That is why we’ve created a guide for those that encounter the same issue of the Guest Sign-in screen refusing to show up.

What can I do if Guest access won’t work on a Linksys router?

1. Double-check Allow Guest Access is set to Yes

Allow Guest Access

  1. Launch Linksys Connect.
  2. Click Change under the Guest access option.
  3. Make sure that Allow Guest Access is already set to Yes. If not, make the change now.
  4. Press Change and enter a password for the guest network.
  5. While here, you could also select how many visitors can access the network.
  6. Click Finish.

2. Confirm active Internet connection

active Internet connection

We have to remind you that problems as the one described above are often the result of a pesky Internet connection. First of all, check if there’s an active Internet connection with the router by connecting your computer or wireless device to the main wireless network.

Other times, simply disconnecting and reconnecting the wireless device to the Guest Network helps to solve the problem.

3. Try different browsers

browser tricks


You should also try accessing the Internet using a different browser. Even more, closing down all browser windows, then try reconnecting to the network.

Oddly, a homepage added to your browser often makes the Guest password page load properly once again.

Looking for some browsers that protect your privacy? Check out this list with the most secure browsers out there.

4. Make sure you’ve used the Guest password

Guest password

In order to avoid confusion, let us remind you that the Router Password and the Guest password are not one and the same. The first one is the administrative password of your router, while the Guest password is for wireless devices that connect to the Guest network.

Once connected to the Guest network, you will be prompted for the password when you open a web browser. Make sure you enter the Guest network password when getting this prompt.

If you know other methods to fix this Guest access problem on Linksys routers, share them with us in the comment section below


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