10+ best live wallpapers for Windows 10 [Updated List]

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  • Windows 10 is extremely flexible and your desktop can easily come alive in a few minutes.
  • All you need is a live wallpaper Windows 10. But you don’t have to stress about looking for the best live wallpapers PC.
  • Some great options can already be found below. Thus, a dull-looking desktop should never be a problem for you.
  • A Windows 10 live wallpaper will seriously enhance your desktop, allowing you to customize your entire Windows experience.
Top 10 Windows 10 Live Wallpapers
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A live wallpaper Windows 10 is highly customizable and you can, basically, do a lot on your own if you have some time and concept you want to follow. With slideshows and a self-created photo library, you can transform your dull desktop background into an inspiring experience.

However, photos are just photos, and sometimes, you’ll want a motion to take it to another level. That’s where a Windows 10 live wallpaper comes into play. Live wallpapers in Windows 10 are a possibility, just like in the previous Windows iterations.

However, you’ll need to install a third-party application in order to get the best live wallpapers PC and configure the preferred live wallpaper to suit your preferences.

Furthermore, the sole presence of a live wallpaper will take a toll on your PC so make sure you’re able to run it. Some of them come on their own without the supporting software, but we advise you to use the trusted app we enlisted below.

How can I install supporting software?

First, let us stress the levels of CPU this application uses. Sometimes, live wallpapers for Windows 10 will take up to 10% of your CPU. So, we advise you to disable (and stick with the standard wallpaper) while gaming to avoid high CPU usage.

On the other hand, if you have a PC that’s good enough for Windows 10, the presence of a Windows 10 live wallpaper won’t affect the system most of the time.

Once we got that out, we can move to downloading and installing the supporting program that enables you to use a live wallpaper Windows 10 in the first place.

There are some paid solutions out there, but we decided to go with DeskScapes which offers a large variety of beautiful live wallpapers in high definition.



Want to bring your desktop to life? There is no tool better for the job than DeskScapes, so give it a try!

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Where can I get live wallpapers for PC?

Sky Citadel

Need a wallpaper that can help your mind relax during your PC breaks? Then the Sky Citadel wallpaper is what you are looking for.

Take your desktop under the water and try to keep up with the fishes swimming around with this classic-themed wallpaper.

The photo-realistic graphics and the water sounds will take you into an almost-real ocean aquarium.

The wallpaper is available in a trial version and a full-featured version. You can access both of them from the link below.

Download SKY CITADEL Live wallpaper

Fall Watermill

The Fall Watermill Live wallpaper is all about – you guessed it – a nice watermill in the woods during a beautiful fall scenery.

It’s not only a very beautifull depiction of simple rural life but the creaking sounds of the wheel and the shoothing watter splashing sounds can have an extremely calming effect.

The wallpaper is available in two versions, a free trial and the full one that you can access from the link below.

Download FALL WINDMILL Live wallpaper

Vintage aircraft

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a flying experience, try the Vintage Aircraft Live wallpaper. As the name suggests, you will be engaged in a multiple view flight alongside some vintage planes from WWI.

You will not only enjoy the skills of the aviators and the legendary planes but also the aerial landscape and the sunny day.

Little spoiler: You will also see an old german zeppelin.

Download VINTAGE AIRCRAFT Live wallpaper

Winter Wonderland

An old church, the chimney slowly puffing smoke from a house full of children eagerly waiting for Christmas and the snow seamlessly covering all around.

It’s a Winter Wonderland indeed, just like the name of this awesomely calming Live wallpaper.

Oh, dear! A deer is crossing right in front of our eyes. All is peaceful, silent, and dreamy, the perfect wallpaper for the winter season.

Download WINTER WONDERLAND Live wallpaper


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There’s a good reason why we make the flags out of fabric and not from solid boards. The flag flapping in the wind can almost trigger the reaction to salute simply because it’s majestic.

The FLAG Live wallpaper brings you a lot of flags of many countries from the world on a sunsetting sky background.

It’s nice, it’s clean and it’s calming.

Download FLAG Live wallpaper


A Koi Fish pond is the pinacle of harmony and tranquility, and that is all about in the FISH Live wallpaper.

The water looks extremely real, the brightly-colored Koi fish are smoothly sliding in the clear surface and the fine aquatic vegetation completes the cool, 3D picture.

Pleasant mood music is a gentle final touch to this almost therapeutic show.

Download FISH live wallpaper

Medieval castle

Medieval Castle is the perfect 3D screensaver for all romantic people with a passion for the Middle Ages.

Excellent, almost photographic quality graphics depict the authentic atmosphere of a centuries-old castle teeming with life as it used to be in those almost forgotten times.

Wellcome SirKnight or wonderful Milady into an almost enchanted realm.



This is the brand new Earth 3D for Windows Desktop! And mere the Earth as you’ve never seen it before.

It has a day and night cycle, a real starry sky with the actual position of the Sun and the Moon phases, and comes with a plethora of information about the nature of our planet and about the great wonders of the world.

In a galaxy where our planet is like a grain of salt, this wallpaper makes you feel a little bigger.

⇒ Download EARTH Live wallpaper

Animal world

The ANIMAL WORLD Live wallpaper is especially great for kids because it’s an interactive journey around our planet to the areas inhabited by the members of its animal kingdom.

This way they will learn about the incredible diversity of the animal kingdom and their important role in our ecosystem.

Download ANIMAL WORLD Live wallpaper

Spirit of Fire

Probably there’s nothing more soothing and calming than watching a woodfire in the fireplace.

Spirit of Fire is a fine 3D screensaver that will bring the warmth of a log cabin fireplace inside your office or home.

The fire and the fireplace are graphically exquisite and this screensaver stands out!

Download SPIRIT OF FIRE Live wallpaper

Finally, besides the best live wallpapers PC we enlisted, you can roam freely through various categories and download anything that suits you. Whether it is a Windows 10 live wallpaper or another piece of software, it’s all up to you.

With that, we can conclude this article. And, once you pick out a live wallpaper Windows 10, don’t forget to share your experience with us. You can do it in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Windows 10 offers plenty of options to customize your desktop. Moving (live) wallpapers are worthy of your consideration, so check out this dedicated list.

  • Looking for Windows 10 live wallpapers can be a time-consuming task. To help you out, we’ve listed some great live wallpapers – Aqua 3D Live Wallpaper, Tomb Raider, to name a few.

  • Ordinary looking desktops aren’t your thing. However, live wallpapers do use extensive CPU resources and cause significant lagging issues. To solve them, use this quick guide.

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