The 5 best local messaging apps for Windows PC users

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Although instant messaging has become a native part of some popular online services like Facebook and Google, its proliferation has not completely wiped out dedicated IM clients. Nonetheless, the built-in IM services offered by those Internet giants remain limited in functionality and rely still on third-party platforms. Thanks to dedicated local messaging apps with cross-platform compatibility, instant messaging is still a convenient task.

So we have taken the time to dig up some of the best local chat clients that work on Windows and other operating systems to send instant messages to friends across multiple platforms. Without further ado, let’s check them out.

Softros LAN Messenger

Developed by Softros Systems, Softros LAN Messenger is a secure instant messaging application for user-to-user or user-to-group communications and file exchange. The program requires no server and works through corporate networks. You can chat with multiple users with Softros’ LAN chat rooms or connect with a single user through its classic single-message window. The app also supports offline messaging.


Softros LAN Messenger uses the AES 256 encryption algorithm to secure your messages from eavesdroppers. The program lets users notify their contacts or groups about an event through the group broadcast feature. Softros LAN Messenger also provides users the option to log messages to the local drive or to a centralized file server.

Since the program requires no Internet connection, corporate users can avoid wasting their time on unimportant communications with friends outside their work. You can also avoid hefty Internet charges and firewall breaches with the app. The program supports Microsoft/Citrix Terminal Services and Microsoft Active Directory.

With Softros LAN Messenger, users can call for remote assistance through its desktop sharing feature, which enables other users to connect securely to your computer for troubleshooting, for instance. The tool is available to download for $12.95 from Softros.

Qualia LAN Messenger

LAN Messenger

LAN Messenger by Qualia is an open source cross-platform messaging tool to communicate with friends over a local network. The application does not require a server. The instant messaging program features event notifications, file transfer, and message logging. The service currently supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. You can download the program from Qualia for free.



Like most local messaging apps, Squiggle is a free LAN messenger for peer to peer communications with no server requirement. After downloading the app, you can immediately run the program and connect to anyone on your local network. Download Squiggle from CodePlex.

Squiggle features include:

  • Group chat, broadcast chat and private chat
  • Bridge for connecting two LANs across subnets or WAN
  • Localization support to let you replace the translation file to use Squiggle in your native language
  • Multiple file transfer
  • Spell check, buzz, emoticons, audio alerts, tray popups
  • Contact groups, display message, display photo, chat commands, message aliases
  • Chat history, status history

CD Messenger

CD Messenger allows users to connect with people nearby or across the world in a secure and stable network. The tool does not impose a limit on how many users can join the network, whether in a small office or a large company spread across the world.


The software transmits online communication via the Internet for users to communicate with others at all times using a chat interface. It features a number of productivity tools including to-do list, sticky notes, and event alerts. CD Messenger is free to download.



LanTalk Messenger lets you send and receive messages over LAN, WAN, Intranet, or VPN anywhere. It also aims to protect your company network as the tool uses no external connection. Key features include sending emails, sending files, and chatting with group members. The software is free to download and use during a 30-day trial period, after which you will need to pay the licensing fee to continue using the product.

Final words

These five local messaging apps support an array of operating systems and platforms. Most of these tools are free of charge, plus the installation process takes no more than 3 minutes to complete. If we’ve missed other impressive local messaging apps, give us a tip in the comments.

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My company uses Brosix as an instant messenger on our desktops. We really like it because it is easy to use, with many features and with 256-bit encryption. Definitely a MUST for the responsible business-owners.

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