Logitech Gaming Software Doesn’t Work in Windows 10 for Some Users

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Logitech Gaming Software not working
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More woes continue for fresh Windows users – now, it seems that some Logitech users are reporting issues with the Logitech Gaming Software in Windows 
logitech gaming software windows 8.1
We took a break from reporting Windows 8.1 issues and problems, but we’re back at it again. According to recent forum post on Logitech’s support forums, at least one user is reporting problems in Windows 8.1 with the Logitech Gaming Software. Here’s what he said:

I recently upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 to Windows 8.1 Pro x64. This was a clean install. Everything i installed thus far is working without any problems (this includes all my other devices). I own a lot of Logitech products but for this PC (my main PC) i use a Logitech G710+ keyboard and Logitech G400 mouse. Both of them make use of the Logitech Gaming software as a driver and profile manager etc. No matter what i have tried, the Logitech Gaming software will not install correctly, and after some trying… even if it does eventually install the application will crash repeatedly and randomly all over the place. Usually the setup just crashes and freezes the entire PC during step 4 of 5 upon installation. The freeze is so severe that the only resort you have is a hard reboot of the PC.

After the posting was made on the forums, more users have confirmed getting the same issue in Windows 8.1. Some users suggest uninstalling Logitech Gaming Software, and deleting the settings.json file, then reinstall LGS. The settings.json file should normally be located here: C:Users<username>AppDataLocalLogitechLogitech Gaming Software.


For most users experience this issue, even when making a clean install, it seems to stuck at ‘Step 4 of 5’. Also, running the Logitech Gaming Software installer under the Windows 8.1 compatibility mode seems to have solved the issue only for a few users. If you’re having the same issue, let us know in the comments box and we’ll try to search for a fix together.

Quick Fixes: Logitech Gaming Software doesn’t work in Windows 10 [2018 update]

1. Try to disable (not uninstalling) Windows Defender and any antivirus or anti-malware on your system and run Logitech Gaming Software.  Some of LGS processes may be seen as harmful even if they aren’t.

2. In case this does not work for you, there is another quick fix to try: Try to launch LGS installer directly from LGS folder. You can find this folder in /user/user/AppData/ or simply search for it with Windows search feature.

3. The last solution, but ONLY for advanced users, is:
– Fix the exact time before launching LGS installer and launch it
– In case LGS restarts your system, open Event Viewer
– Search right before and after the time LGS restarted your system to see what causes the conflict

You can also try to uninstall and delete all data about LGS (we recommend a dedicated tool for that) and enter Safe mode, download it on Desktop and installing it again, that may work as well, but it really depends on your Windows version and system compatibility.

Let us know in the comments if some of these solutions worked for you.

Update – a big thank you to all of our readers who left comments with possible solutions, so just head below and have a look, just in case you might find a working fix for you.

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Found the issue i was having for some reason my blu-ray optical drive was causing the issue disconnected the SATA lead and installed fine.

Hope this helps

Same here.

Running Windows 8.1, and every combination of compatibility mode and running as Admin did nothing — the installer crashed after hitting “Next” on the first screen every time.

Restarted the computer in safe mode, and it installed just fine.

However, the mouse still wasn’t being detected by the gaming software. Uninstalling and reinstalling the software ( with the USB receiver unplugged, which may or may not be important ) finally worked, and my mouse is now connected and I can program it as desired.

Rebooting with G930 dongle disconnected did not help future reboots. Upgrading to latest version 8.81 did not help. Deleting settings.json did not help. Moving G930 to USB 3.0 caused disconnect loops. Moving G930 to another USB 2.0 seems to have fixed the problem.

In C:UsersAppDataRoaming i think it was i found a folder above the Logitech one that was named something like Lgtchk or similar, that contained the previous setup i had that crashed at step4 out of 5, after i deleted it i tried again, this time it actually installed and the software works, even though i havnt figured out how to use it yet.

I cant even download it. it says it is not compatible. I have tried using the 32 and 64 bit download and it still wont even do it.

same here.i have tried every version in every compatibility mode and it always says it isn’t compatible with my version of windows.

My issue is a little different. Installs fine, runs fine. Then when I restart for what ever reason, usually some software update that requires a restart and such, the program will not open on restart. I click the shortcut on my desktop, loads and nothing. Uninistall/Reinstall works fine. Well crap another update. Restart. LGS won’t start. I click the Icon….rinse and repeat each time I restart whether it is a update for windows or a restart to install software LGS just will not operate and each and every time I have to uninstall/resnstall. Anyone know of anything that might be conflicting with LGS that I am not aware of. FYI this just started within the last week or so

I just fixed it by going to the Logitech.exe and made it `RUN` `As WINDOWS 7` option.
Fastest its ever started.
Goes great now.
Now its only at 1% of system CPU and 100Mb of Ram (rather than 15% & 450Mb or so).

Thanks a ton, it didnt even open for me but it did take CPU. Running as windows 7 works! I downloaded the W10 version on W10 but it was set to compatibility for Windows8

I had the same problem at first.
I ended up having to go into the System Properties and then Hardware, and then to the Mouse; and then manually tell the PC to find the Driver software I had placed in a box on the desktop; for it to install..
Then it worked.
It took WEEKS to figure out how to get it to work; as I) didn`t know what was causing the problem with the software not working (as the basic mouse worked)..

NOW, I and many people are noticing the following PROBLEMS;-

“My Haswell i7 Z87 Platinum PC with W8.1 Pro ran GREAT Until I bought a G300 mouse and installed the drivers.

Then “The slowdown issues” started.

Now I have been noticing that it constantly uses 15% of the CPU of a Haswell i7 (Yes; a FULL 15% of the CPU) and uses 400Mb or RAM for that program alone.

I wondered for WEEKS if this was causing my PC to have sloooowwwwdo—-w——–ns he—re a–n—–d th—-ere.

But if I Ctrl Alt Del the SOFTWARE program; its back up to speed.

Could it be that I have 100 PC Games and it automatically loads all 100 Game profiles automatically?

(The mouse still works if I shutdown the program)

Then I just saw your thread via a Google Search.

I can`t post that on your thread?”

Are Logitech trying to quieten down the problems their software may be causing?

I fixed Logitech Gaming Software 8.55.137 not running on Windows 8.1 by disabling AMD Gaming Evolved Software that was bundled with the machine when I got it.

Great :/ I didn’t check if my G930 was compatible with Windows 8.1 because I asumed it was since its been out for a while. I can’t download the LGS, it just freezes at the 4th or 5th step and says I have to restart my PC which doesn’t work.

I’ve tried most of the things others have posted but nothing works.

My computer already had Windows 8.1 from the store I bought it in so I don’t really have a way to downgrade my OS.

you have to disconnect your optical-drive from your system for the installation (i removed the power) and than it’s working.

Same error, but for myself, i’ve made a clean installation of windows 8.1 for past month and i install succefully LGS. Yesterday, i’v made a clean installation of windows, and now impossible to install LGS 8.52.15. I’ve only succes to install LGS 3.03.

I am having problems with my G930 wireless surround sound headphones with windows 8.1 pro. I am using an ASUS Crossfire V motherboard 16 GB ram and a AMD FX 4.01 GZ 8 core CPU.

My problem surfaced also while running Google/Firefox.
S…..llll..ooooooo…wwwww doooooowwwwwwnnnns

On a Haswell i7 4770 Platinum rig.
Logitech software…..
It uses 15% of CPU at all times; and 400Mb or RAM at all times.
An an i7 Haswell.

That would be 50% of CPU resources on an i3 ?

Problems only started after eventually getting the software installed properly.

I have the same issue. I keep checking with them about a new driver and I get the “we are working on it”. Then I get the e-mail saying we consider your problem solved.

Upgrading system from windows from 8 to 8.1 I have issue with my G930 headset. Software never starts with windows startup (even when it’s in administrator mode) + if I start it manualy there is some crasy stuff going on with default sound device. It swich itself on and off every few seconds. How i deal with that?
1 after starting windows I start logitech gaming software.
2 Then i need to shut it down compleatly
3 unplug a usb dongle
4 startup loghitech gaming software again
5 plug dongle (if hardware is recognised everythink works fine, but sometimes its not and alle steps must be repeated)
note: headphones MUST be off throo all points

I dont have to describe how anoying it is having this issues.
ps sorry for bad english.

Just got the G602 mouse today and it keeps crashing like explained in the article. Quite a bummer and nothing I find seems to fix it.

Alot of people say the driver is in conflict with nVidia drivers and using the legacy one should work instead (not a fix however). The legacy one is really annoying to find so I haven’t been able to try it yet either.

I use the G13 game pad. I have windows 8 and upgraded to 8.1 automatically. I crash my system every time I try to use the LGS. If I had known I would not have taken the update.

Don’t expect much. I’ve contacted them for years and the issues with LGS are all over their forums. They don’t seem interested in fixing it.