Lumia 635 with 512MB of RAM eligible for Windows 10 Mobile upgrade, but only in Brazil

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There’s a big fuss around the release of Windows 10 Mobile. First, users were unsatisfied by the fact that it took more than a year for Microsoft to finally release the public version of the OS. After that, a lot of people were upset because their Windows Phone devices with 512GB of RAM weren’t eligible for the upgrade. And now, Microsoft is bringing on even more confusion.

According to various Reddit users, the Lumia 635, which comes with only 512MB of RAM, is listed as Windows 10 Mobile upgrade-ready on the Microsoft Brazil store page. As you may probably already know, Windows 10 Mobile isn’t available for devices with 512MB, so how is the Lumia 635 marked as a legit device? Nobody except Microsoft knows for sure.

Only in Brazil!

Users have been debating this on Reddit for the past couple of days, with a few of them theorizing that the Lumia 635 is available for an upgrade only in Brazil because the 512MB variant of the device is the only one available in this country. And as the 1GB version of Lumia 635 is listed by Microsoft as the device that can upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft probably made an exception in this case.

On the other hand, maybe this is simply a technical mistake, with Microsoft changing the listing as soon as its employees notice it. But we’d certainly like the first scenario to be the case so at least some Lumia can get the upgrade. Microsoft didn’t say anything about this possible exception when the company presented its list of eligible phones, but it wouldn’t be terrible if the company were to change its policy and deliver the upgrade to some 512MB devices after all.

What do you think? Will other Lumia devices with 512MB of RAM receive the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade in the future? Or is Brazil’s Lumia 635 the only exception? Tell us in the comment section below!

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I’ve been looking forward to Win10 on 520 as well – but given the fact that I’ve heard too many testimonies about the slowdown caused by Win10 Preview on 520, and even claims that 8.1 was slower than 8.0, I can imagine that my 520 will have Win 8.1 for the rest of its life.

Would love to see it here in the states. My daughter has a 635 with 512mb ram from T-Mobile. AT&T has 1gb version but even though porting from AT&T to T-Mobile works, the way they pick up signals varies and we don’t always get the best signal. On preview build with it now though and it works great so not sure why they don’t.