Microsoft Will Buy Your MacBook, if You Purchase its Surface Book

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Microsoft is ready to do anything to convince you to buy its Surface Book, which is totally reasonable, since the company invested a lot into its ‘ultimate laptop.’ A lot of huge companies today are led by the policy “if you can’t beat them, buy them,” and Microsoft is not an exception. The maker of the Surface Book is ready to buy Apple’s products, just to convince you to buy its first laptop.

Of course, Microsoft won’t buy the whole Apple company, because it’s probably not possible, but it will offer you a deal to purchase your old MacBook, if you buy its new Surface Book. The deal is currently available in the UK, and it allows people who own Apple’s devices to buy the Surface Book for more affordable prices.

Trade-in your MacBook for the Surface Book

This trade-in program allows you to sell your old Apple device, and get the Surface Book, which is quite an expensive device, for less money. Microsoft will pay the most for Apple’s MacBook, as this device can give you up to £400 ($568), depending on the condition and model of the device.

Besides MacBook, there are some other devices included in the offer, like the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but also several Surface models, such as the original Surface RT. So, this offer will definitely come in handy to all users of Surface RT devices, who didn’t know what to do with them, as Microsoft canceled the support for this operating system.

If your trade-in is accepted, you can get one of the following Surface Book models for more affordable price:

  • Microsoft Surface Book 128GB / Intel Core i5 – 8GB
  • Microsoft Surface Book 256GB / Intel Core i5 – 8GB / dGPU
  • Microsoft Surface Book 256GB / Intel Core i7 – 8GB / dGPU
  • Microsoft Surface Book 512GB / Intel Core i7 – 16GB / dGPU

“Your new product must be pre-ordered from Microsoft Store between 17th January 2016 to the 29th February and have a minimum purchase price of £749.00,” according to Microsoft’s terms.

For now, this offer is only available in the UK, but since Microsoft wants to expend the range of Surface Book to other markets, we should expect similar trade-in programs in other regions in the future, as well.


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