Mailbird review: a beautiful and powerful email client for your PC

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mailbird for windows 10 review

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Outlook is probably the most popular email client on Windows platform, and rightfully so. Even though Outlook is a great email client, many users prefer using alternative applications, and if you’re looking for free alternative, you might be interested in Mailbird.

Mailbird – free and great alternative to Outlook

There are many great email clients, but if you’re looking for a simple and user-friendly application, you should consider Mailbird. As soon as you start the application, you’ll be asked to choose a desired layout. Regarding layouts, the default one resembles the Mail client from Windows 10, but there’s also an alternative layout that mimics the look of webmail services. As for customization, you can choose between many available backgrounds and create your own unique layout with ease.

The first thing you’ll notice about Mailbird is its sleek and simple user interface. The interface is clean and minimalistic, and it will look sleek regardless of the layout you’re using. As for interface, it’s split into two panes, and you can see the list of messages in the left pane and message content in the right one.

Standard features such as the ability to view sent, received or starred messages is available. You can also easily import your contacts from your Google or Outlook account. In addition to contacts, there’s also a built-in calendar feature that allows you to plan and schedule events. The application also has access to Google Drive, so you can edit your documents or sheets right from Mailbird.

In addition to Google Drive, Mailbird works with other web apps such as Trello, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook, Feedly, Dropbox, Twitter, Todoist, Wunderlist, and many others. You can even run Google Chrome directly from Mailbird and use it to surf the web. In addition to these great web apps, Mailbird also offers support for other services as well.

Using the application is rather simple, and with the shortcut support you can easily compose, delete, archive or reply to messages. The application also has a global shortcut that allows you to open the Compose window from anywhere on your PC and write a quick email. It’s worth mentioning that Mailbird allows you to organize your emails as tasks thanks to the support for service. Using this feature you can easily keep all your emails read and neatly organized.

Mailbird supports Unified Inbox feature and thanks to it you can use multiple email accounts in your email client. This is perfect if you want to have your personal and business email accounts in a unified mailbox. Thanks to this feature you’ll be able to work with multiple email accounts simultaneously from a single application. Unlike with other email clients, you don’t have to switch between different email accounts in order to use them. With Mailbird all your emails are available in single inbox and you can easily read or respond to them without switching to another email account.

The application supports both IMAP and POP3 accounts while offering some unique features. Support for labels and folders is available, but there’s also a speed reader feature that will help you read your emails faster. Speaking of which, the application also offers quick preview for attachments and there’s even a Snooze button for emails. It’s worth mentioning that the application has several snoozing presets, but you can also set exact snoozing date and time for any email.

Mailbird also offers great security, so you can rest assured that all your messages are safe from third-parties. There are also built-in social features that allow you to easily add new contacts with a single click. Mailbird is a great email application and it comes in two versions, Free and Pro. The Free version offers all the necessary features, but the Pro version has access to unlimited email accounts, Unified Inbox, attachment preview, email speed reader and email snoozing. As for the Pro version, you can get it with an annual fee or you can purchase a lifetime license.

Mailbird offers great features, beautiful interface and solid customization making it perfect for both basic and advanced users alike. The Free version offers almost all features, but if you want to get access to all features, you might want to consider purchasing the Pro version. Overall, Mailbird is one of the best email clients on the market, so feel free to try it out.



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