How to fix Mass Effect: Andromeda black screen issues

by Madalina Dinita
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The EA Access and Origin Access trial for Mass Effect: Andromeda is now live. Fans can now download the full game and enjoy 10 hours of playtime ahead of the game’s official launch scheduled for March, 21.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a challenging game that takes players to the edge of space. Your mission is to explore distant galaxies and find a new home for mankind. This is not an easy task and you’ll confront many hostile alien forces that will put your will to survive to the test.

It appears that the game will also put your patience and troubleshooting skills to the test. Many players who entered Mass Effect: Andromeda’s early access trial reported that they can’t actually play the game due to a black screen error that occurs on launch.

Mass Effect: Andromeda black screen

Here’s how one gamer describes this issue:

I am currently downloading the trial and it says it is playable however when it starts up its just a black window and never progresses past that. what should i do?

Fortunately, Mass Effect: Andromeda players are resourceful and they’ve come up with a series of workarounds to fix the black screen issue.

Fix: Mass Effect Andromeda black window issue

1. Uninstall the Corsair Utility Engine

If you have the Corsair Utility Engine installed on your system, you’ve found the culprit. Try uninstalling it and then relaunching the game.

That is not a perfect solution for gamers who rely on the Corsair Utility Engine for their mice, keyboards, and headphones. When you uninstall the CUE, you’ll lose all of your settings because you’ll uninstall your profile too.

However, the black screen issue also affects players who don’t have Corsair Utility Engine on their computers. If this is the case for you, use the solutions listed below.

2.  Switch to windowed mode

Players confirm that switching to windowed mode or borderless windowed mode quickly fixes this problem.

I fixed it by using atl enter to put the game into windowed and then setting it to borderless windowed in the options.

3. Launch the game from MassEffectAndromedaTrial.exe

Go the game’s install folder and locate the MassEffectAndromedaTrial.exe file. Double-click it to launch the game.

I managed to get it working by going to the install folder and running the game from MassEffectAndromedaTrial.exe rather than MassEffectAndromeda.exe. Hope this helps other people.

4. Disable your firewall

It is possible that the black screen issue is triggered by your firewall blocking the game’s connection to the Internet. Try disabling your firewall and launching the game again.

Disabling windows firewall solved it for me (Domain, Private and public ones)

We hope the solutions listed above helped you to launch Mass Effect: Andromeda. Enjoy your game!


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