Microsoft believes 3D is for everyone: what does it mean?

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The next major update for Windows 10 that Microsoft announced at its event in New York City centers around 3D. The company showcased many new concepts and features that will allow users to create 3D objects in Windows 10 with the slogan “3D for Everyone.” Let’s see what that really means.

People probably didn’t expect Microsoft to lean towards creativity as it has with this next update. But, as the company is always looking for new ways to make Windows 10 a better operating system, going this way isn’t that far-fetched. Now, it looks like it’s the artist’s turn to show what it can do with Windows 10.

When we say artists, we don’t mean just people whose job is to creat 3D objects, but anyone holding the Surface Pen with Paint 3D opened. That’s the entire idea: To bring 3D to everyone — not just the trained professionals.

Indeed, creating in the 3D environment has always seemed like a scary and complicated task to regular users. But with the Creators Update, this should chang. If you’re interested in creating 3D objects, you won’t have to use any expensive, complicated tools. Windows 10 will have all you need.

The most important feature of the update is definitely Paint 3D. This advanced version of Microsoft Paint allows you to make 3D creations simply by drawing with your pen. Additionally, you can use other tools to convert your ordinary sketches to 3D and even mix real-life photos with 3D objects. With all that in mind, it looks like using and creating 3D content has never ben easier.

Microsoft also wants to inspire more people to dive into 3D creations by providing special communities for them to share their work. So, besides the ability to easily create your 3D stuff, you can also see what others have created and brainstorm some new ideas.

Of course, your creations probably won’t be masterpieces at first, but with a little practice, you’ll be able to create pretty nice results. With so many features and abilities, you simply can’t have the Creators Update installed on your computer and not try at least some of them.

It’s clear that only users of touch-enabled devices (read: Surface devices) will be able to use the Creators Update to the fullest. A mouse cursor and with a pen just won’t cut it, no matter how good you are. So, the announcement of the Creators Update could be Microsoft‘s way to promote its Surface line of devices. If you take a look at other announcements from the event, you’ll notice that regular PCs weren’t in the discussion (Microsoft announced the new Surface Book and its first ever all-in-one PC, the Surface Studio). So the question remains: Is Microsoft planning to give up PCs and touchscreen-less devices in favor of its own products?

So, what do you think about the 3D functionality in the Creators Update? Will it empower you to create some amazing 3D objects? Or you think it’s just Microsoft‘s way of promoting its Surface line? Tell us your opinion in the comments.



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