Microsoft’s Creators Update allows smartphones to unlock Windows devices

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The next major update for Windows 10 is predicted to drop sometime during the month of April. Everyone is anticipating the many new cool features that will be coming with. What many do not expect, however, is the built-in support the Creators Update has for Samsung smartphones to unlock any Windows 10-machine.

Samsung Flow brings a new way of connecting devices

Samsung’s Flow application will allow users to transition from one device to another with ease and includes support for Windows devices such as the Galaxy TabPro S, a tablet running Windows 10.

While the tablet is the only device that seems to this type of connectivity at the moment, it is expected for Samsung to make it functional for any PC or device using Microsoft’s Creators Update. On top of that, there will be extra features coming to the app as well.

The information was made available through a Samsung reply to a user comment on the Play Store comments section for the app. The user was clearly not satisfied that the app wouldn’t work on their Windows 10 device. Samsung responded by presenting the information above.

Still a while until release

The Flow app from Samsung and others like it are setting the first building blocks for a new era of interconnectivity where devices of various kinds will communicate more than ever.

The only thing left is for the Creators Update to actually be released, but that will take a little longer since the closest estimated release date puts the long awaited patch due in April. More information on the upcoming Flow features might surface in the meantime!



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