Images of Microsoft Edge on dual-screen Surface Duo emerge

Don Sharpe
by Don Sharpe
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  • Images of Microsoft Edge in span mode on the Surface Duo have emerged online
  • Edge is Surface Duo's default web browser.
  • Visit the Edge page to learn more , or check out Microsoft Surface to read the latest news and updates.
  • Would you like to optimize your web browsing experience? Check out our Browser section for insights and practical guides.
Edge browser on Surface Duo
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Microsoft has pretty much finished up developing hardware specs for its upcoming Surface Duo. Also, the company has severally showcased how it wants applications designed for dual-screen experiences.

For example, earlier this year, Microsoft demonstrated on live video how applications like Google Maps can work on an actual Surface Duo.

However, little is known about how each type of software, from media players to browsers, will look like and function on the new form factor.

Now, the folks at Windows Central have done a great job showcasing images of Android apps that Microsoft is developing for the Surface Duo.

Microsoft Edge on the Surface Duo

The new Chromium-based Edge, which recently got a built-in spellchecker, is the default browser on Surface Duo.

As you may already know, one of the joys of using a dual-screen gadget is the ability to span content across both displays.

So, you’ll obviously be able to use Microsoft Edge in multiple screen modes on the upcoming foldable device.

If you span the browser across the two screens, the address bar appears on the left display. The other screen displays the favorites section in an icon to the far right.

According to Windows Central’s Zac Bowden, spanning Edge will lead to spreading the web page you’re on across the two screens.

But the device’s bezel may block some of the content you’re trying to view. As such, multi-screen mode may not be ideal for some websites.

Spanning Edge will also span websites, but most websites will be left with the Surface Duo’s bezel cutting into the content. Web developers can choose to support dual-screens, but not every website will.

Also on Surface Duo, Edge users will be able to drag and drop items like text, links, and images from web pages to any Android software that supports the feature.

What are your views about using Microsoft Edge on the upcoming Surface Duo? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.