Microsoft promises to “do great things” at MWC 2017, the Surface Phone could arrive

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The Mobile World Conference 2017 is confirmed to be held in Barcelona. What’s interesting is that even after several reports suggesting that Microsoft is walking out of the mobile business, the company is still making an appearance at the big event.

Microsoft also launched a web page labeled, allowing MWC visitors to arrange meetings during the annual mobile showcase. At this point, it is still uncertain as to what they are planning for the event. It’s no secret the company has sold off or shuttered all of its phone factories, but it does not mean that Microsoft will be left out of the mobile party.

MWC is the forefront for manufacturers to showcase their smartphones alongside add-ons ranging from accessories and other goodies. So it is about time we say out loud what everyone has been thinking: Will Microsoft be unveiling the Surface Phone at the event?

What the MWC holds for the Surface Phone:

There might or might not be a Surface Phone appearance at the MWC 2017 as the device is barely ready, but there does exist a strong possibility of a Sneak Preview into its core features.

We are also half expecting an announcement from Microsoft regarding its progress in bringing the full version of Windows 10 to mobile devices, as per Microsoft and Qualcomm’s intentions announced a few weeks ago. As the current generation chipsets come running 64-bit capable processors, compatibility should not be an issue at all. These are going to be the first ARM-based processors that will allow users to run full desktop apps on phones and PCs.

With full compatibility with the Windows 10 ecosystem, the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform is expected to support mobility to cloud computing and redefine how people will use their compute devices, Qualcomm said at the time.

Apart from this, Microsoft has a lot to flaunt at the MWC next year, mostly because the tradeshow’s timeline aligning with its Creators Update release. The upcoming Windows 10 update is expected to bring a bunch of significant changes to the mobile devices. It might be possible that Microsoft will be using this event to give its users a glimpse of what they should be expecting from the update in addition to positioning the OS to OEMs and ODMs.

Who knows: Maybe Microsoft will take everyone by surprise and reveal the elusive Surface Phone after all.

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