Microsoft’s Surface Phone release delayed until late 2017 into 2018

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By now, Microsoft fans are aware of the company’s upcoming hardware event on October 26 and certainly hope it will shed some light on some of the most oft-asked questions about Microsoft’s plans for its mobile releases and gaming console. But most importantly, users are giddy for a closer look at the new Surface all-in-one desktop PC.

The event is mostly about Windows 10 developments rather than certain hardware specifications but considering all the bustle created in the past few weeks by the many rumours, leaks and theories from well-reputed sources, it seems likely for the device to be shown off at the event. What’s unlikely is any news related to smartphones at the event.

The Surface Phone was rumoured to be released in 2017 at the earliest, as reported by several credible sources. But now, rumours have resurfaced and the release is expected be delayed until as far as 2018.

The foremost speculation that appeared stated that the phone is all set to be released in late 2016. A few months later, it became public that the handset would make its debut around the summer of 2017, somewhere around the rollout of Windows 10 Redstone 2 update. The Redmond-based company already made its intentions clear about the sales of further Lumia phones but nonetheless, hope for Windows 10 smartphones is not lost. On the other hand, the awaited Surface Phone is nowhere near ready for its red carpet appearance.

Mary Jo Foley recently confirmed this news and crushed all hopes of users getting a Surface Phone in their hands any time soon, further adding that “it will likely be late 2017 or maybe even not until 2018” before the Surface Phone is launched.

2018 is a long time to wait for Microsoft’s Surface smartphone. Even if the release is not delayed any further, user’s hopes would have peaked by then considering the extended wait. Given that it has been over a year since company’s recent flagships, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, were unveiled, their prices have significantly tumbled which points towards the end of the Lumia line.

Focusing on what is actually going to be featured in the event, gaming consoles and their recent developments as well as devices from Microsoft’s OEM partners will  be highlighted. As far as smartphones are concerned, we are going to see some but unfortunately, they won’t be Microsoft’s.

Has the extended delay for the Surface Phone killed your excitement? Or being the extreme Windows 10 fanatic as some of us are, are you still hyped about the Surface Phone release?


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