Best Microsoft Surface Pro 2 accessories to use [2021 Guide]

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Best Microsoft Surface Pro 2 accessories

SD cards and Flash Drives

The Surface Pro 2 is being provided in two variants depending on the amount of internal storage memory you need: 32 or 64 GB.

Now, if you want to expand the storage capacity you can anytime buy and use a micro SD Card. The best deals you can choose for a micro SD card are:

  • SanDisk Ultra 64GB – this micro SD card is fast and offered on a great price on Amazon.
  • Patriot Supersonic Rage XT 64GB Flash Drive – in addition to a micro SD card you can use a flash drive in order to expand and port your memory capacity and data. This flash drive is also available on Amazon.

Any other micro SD card – you can buy any other SD card for your Surface Pro 2 either from Microsoft’s own store, or from any other place you want. Just make sure you choose the best price.

Pen and Mice


In order to use your Surface Pro 2 easily, you need to buy a dedicated mouse or a pen.

You can find various products and accessories on the web, while on Microsoft’s web store you can anytime buy the Wedge Touch Mouse, the Arc Touch Mouse or the Surface Pro Pen so choose what you need for your Windows RT tablet.

Cables and Adaptors


If you want to connect your Surface Pro 2 with your TV, or with any other gadget, you need to buy new accessories. In that matter, you should start with cables and adaptors, such as:

  • Mini DisplayPort to VGA – this cable can be used if you want to connect your tablet with VGA compatible devices like projectors or monitors. The Surface Pro 2 accessory is available on Amazon
  • Mini DisplayPort to HD AV Adapter – this cable is similar with the up mentioned one only it uses HDMI connections. The price is also the same and you can also order this cable from Amazon.
  • Ethernet Adapter – if you want to connect your Surface Pro 2 to a wired network then you need to order this cable which will cost you the same amount of money as the already presented accessories from this category.
  • Wireless Adapter – if you don’t want to use a cable for connecting your Surface Pro 2 with various devices, then you can anytime use the Wireless Adapter offered by Microsoft. 

So, those are the best accessories to use on your Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

If you want to add something to the list from above, don’t be shy and point it all out by using the comments field below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can, by using a Microsoft Surface compatible dock with MiniDisplay port. Check out these best USB-C docking stations for inspiration.

  • While the device is usually delivered with its own dedicated pen, pretty much any stylus should work just fine with your Surface Pro 2 device.

  • Our recommendation goes to Microsoft Surface Pro Signature, a backlit ultra-slim keyboard with full support for Surface Pro devices.

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