Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Accessories: Best to use [2020 Guide]

Andrew Wafer
by Andrew Wafer
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microsoft surface pro 2 accessories

Microsoft with its Surface devices managed to release great handsets that can now mix a regular tablet with a high end desktop, all in one powerful and “good-locking” Windows 8  powered device. But in order to take full advantage of the latest Surface Pro 2 gadget you should use compatible accessories.
surface pro 2 accessories
Now, in order to help you out, during the present review I will list and also describe the best Microsoft Surface Pro2 accessories to use. By using these official accessories you will be able to personalize and customize your Windows device, while if you want to spice things up a little bit, you can also bump the speeds or upgrade the battery life. Pretty interesting isn’t it? Well, if you want more details on this subject, don’t hesitate and check out what we have prepared for you and of course for your Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

When talking about best accessories for Surface Pro 2 we are definitely referring to essential products like wireless adaptors, covers, Surface edition mouse, screen protectors, cases, type covers, docking stations, micro SD cards, dedicated cables and lot more. Thus, you can now have a complex and complete list of Surface Pro 2 accessories in one place, which means that this review is just for you.

Best Accessories for the Surface Pro 2


Surface-Pro-2-coversThe first thing to do when having a Windows-based device is to personalize the same. When you first buy a new tablet or laptop it will feature the classic design which in most cases is actually quite boring. So, if you want to offer a personal touch on your Surface Pro 2, you need to buy dedicated covers. Now for the Surface Pro 2, you can choose different versions of touch covers which can easily personalize your Windows RT device; in that matter, you can anytime use:

  • Touch Cover 2 – this cover is a classic one, though it represents the improved variant of the original Touch Cover provided by Microsoft; touch cover 2 is featuring illuminated keys, though it is available only in black.
  • Type Cover 2 – if instead, you want to personalize your Surface Pro 2 by adding a new flavor of colors, then Type Cover 2 is just what you need. These covers are featuring a super-thin, lightweight design and can be smoothly used on your Windows RT device.
  • Limited Edition Touch Cover – now if you want to capitalize on your own design preferences, then you should try the Limited Edition Touch Cover. These covers can be made based on your own desires so you can completely personalize your Surface Pro 2.
  • Power Cover – if you want to keep the classic design but you are interested in upgrading the battery power, then you can choose to “type on a battery” with Power Cover.

Surface-Pro-2-casesIf you want to protect your Microsoft Surface 2 and at the same time use the device on different angles with ease, you need to buy compatible cases. On that matter you can choose several cases, though not all the available products are also recommended by experts. So, relying on user experience and user results, here are the best cases available for your Surface Pro 2:

  • MoKo Slim-Fit Case – this case provides the best tablet experience on the go, as the MoKo Slim Fit Case can be used in “tight” situations for ensuring that you can properly use your Windows RT tablet. The case can be ordered in different colors on Amazon.
  • Incipio Feather Case – If you need to use your Surface Pro in various angles then this case will be just perfect for you. The case itself is made up of two cores that allows’ the Surface Pro kickstand to extend. Also, the case will protect your tablet, as it is a hard shell.

Surface-Pro-2-sleevesSimilar with cases we have sleeves. These Surface Pro 2 accessories are used only for protection, so in this matter the cases are more complex. Anyway, by accessing Microsoft’s official web page dedicated to the Surface Pro 2 you can buy numerous sleeves depending on the color you prefer, the design you want to offer to your Windows RT tablet and so on. The prices are affordable so don’t hesitate and order your favorite sleeve now.

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