Check Out The Latest Features Coming To Microsoft’s Whiteboard

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  • If you are a Microsoft Whiteboard user, there's plenty to be happy about.
  • The Microsoft 365 Roadmap shows a lot of features about to be integrated.
  • However, most of the tentative rollout dates for these are late in the year.

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Circling back to why we are here, yet another piece of Microsoft-designed software is about to get a whole bunch of new improvements.

What’s in store for the Microsoft Whiteboard?

As you surely know, Microsoft’s Whiteboard is a digital canvas that is actually available for free across multiple platforms including Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Teams.

This software enables users to work in collaborative online environments by allowing them to create and visualize their ideas on a single digital whiteboard. 

The Redmond tech giant regularly adds features to Whiteboard and it has recently revealed a range of new features coming to the app soon.

From what we can tell from the information available on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap portal, Microsoft has outlined several enhancements coming to Whiteboard in the coming weeks and months.

We are about to look at some of these features along with their descriptions, platforms, and expected general availability (GA) dates.

FeatureDescriptionPlatformsTentative GA Date
Embedded Online VideoUsers can insert a video URL and have the video appear directly on the canvas.Teams and Surface DevicesSeptember 2022
URL supportURLs inserted into Whiteboard will become clickable links.Desktop, Teams and Surface Devices, Web, EducationSeptember 2022
AttributionParticipants in Teams and on Web can see who added content to the board.Web, DesktopSeptember 2022
CommentingThe ability to add comments on a whiteboard to aid in discussion with board participants. This will include a comments pane to see all comments on a given whiteboard.Desktop, Teams and Surface Devices, WebNovember 2022
FollowUsers will have the ability to invite users on a whiteboard during a Teams meeting to follow their viewpoint as they navigate and interact with the canvas.Desktop, Teams and Surface Devices, WebNovember 2022
TimerAdding a timer to Whiteboard to help enable users to run timed activities, such as a timed brainstorm.Desktop, Teams and Surface Devices, WebDecember 2022

These are the features that we are all expecting to come to this popular Microsoft-designed software pretty soon.

Before you jump up and down with you though, please note that the general availability dates are only tentative so far, so there’s a possibility that they might slip or that some of the features may not arrive at all.

Which of the above-mentioned features is your absolute favorite? Share your preferences with us in the comments section below.