eBay leak shows photos of canceled mid-range Microsoft Surface Duo 2

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  • Fancy a look at the now-canceled mid-range Microsoft Surface Duo 2?
  • A recent eBay leak shows some pictures of the full plastic Duo device.
  • Both performance and design-wise, this gadget is inferior to the original.
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We know that many of you are huge gadget freaks and absolutely must have the latest handheld doodads from your favorite companies.

Now, if your favorite hardware provider is Microsoft, we’re about to show you a glimpse into what could have been if the tech giant hadn’t canceled this project.

Yes, we’re talking about a mid-range Surface Duo 2, a device that many were waiting to add to their collection.

Unfortunately, however, Microsoft has scrapped this project, as it did with many others, so we’re just going to have to make peace with the thought.

Photos of the mid-range Surface Duo 2 got leaked

It would seem that the Surface Neo wasn’t the only gadget that Microsoft ended up canceling recently, for whatever reason.

In case you weren’t aware, The Redmond company was also been developing a mid-range variant of the Surface Duo 2, which is called the Surface Duo 2 Dev unit.

We haven’t heard anything about this subject for quite a while. That is, until an eBay listing that is now deleted surfaced.

Allegedly, the canceled Surface Duo 2 device was actually supposed to be a lower-cost, lite version of the original Surface Duo 2 gadget.

Even though this eBay listing was found, don’t go thinking it provided a rich description and specs for the above-mentioned device, only some pictures.

Condemned Cronos, this mid-range device was, in theory, supposed to become available towards the end of the year, at a much lower cost than the original Duo 2.

If it did, it would have come equipped with an upper mid-range Qualcomm SoC, dual-camera on the back, non-curved displays without the glance bar, and a fully plastic exterior.

For the sake of comparison, the original Surface Duo 2 has a Snapdragon 888 SoC, triple-camera array on the back, 90hz curved displays with the glance bar, and a plastic-glass combination exterior.

We know what you are thinking. That this is a major downgrade from the OG Surface Duo 2, both in design and performance-wise.

Before you judge though, remember that this is a mid-range version of the device, designed to cater to customers with lower budgets.

We can’t know for sure why Microsoft chose this path, but we’re sure there’s a good enough reason behind this decision.

And even if there aren’t there are a lot of Microsoft-powered gadgets out there to satisfy everyone’s needs until this project is reopened.

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Recently, Microsoft put out its Surface Go 2 laptop, which is available for a great price. Also, if you are a Surface user, check out these VPNs that will suit your browsing needs.

We’re going to keep an eye open for any development on the mid-range Surface Duo 2 subject and let you know as soon as we have new details.

Until then all we can do is wait and hope that the Redmond-based tech giant has not given up entirely on the project, as there are many customers who would love to get one.

Would you buy a mid-range Surface Duo 2 or stick to the original version? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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