[Fixed] Mods not working/showing up in Sims 4

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  • If mods are not working in Sims 4, they might have been disabled by a game update, the game’s cache might be corrupted, or there could be compatibility issues.
  • You might need to delve into the game’s settings to adjust certain options in case mods are not working properly after updates.
  • Modifying the game's options is another way to deal with the mods not working in Sims 4.
  • To fix mods not showing up in Sims 4 successfully, another solution is to modify the package formats.
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The Sims 4 life simulation game can be enhanced with various mods that add new features to it.

Mods are player-made content for the game. However, mods don’t always work (load) and show up in Sims 4.

Why are my mods not working in Sims 4?

It might be the case that your mods have been disabled after an update, or that you might have downloaded incompatible or older mods that simply won’t work with Sims 4.

A whole batch of mods might not load because of one corrupted (broken) one, or because the Sims 4’s cache might be corrupted.

How do I know if my Sims 4 mods are broken?

If you’re encountering any minor issues when playing Sims 4, there might be a broken mod. For example, Sims doing odd things, like walking up walls, is a sign of a broken mod issue.

When strange things happen in Sims 4 that don’t seem right, a dodgy mod is probably breaking the game.

To identify a broken mod, try moving all your mods out of the original folder into a different one. Then move each mod back into Sims 4’s Mods folder one at a time.

What can I do if mods are not working/showing up in Sims 4?

1. Check the mod compatibility

The Sims Catalog page mods not working sims 4

If a recently downloaded mod doesn’t work, double-check that’s it’s compatible with Sims 4.

Older Mods for older Sims games aren’t supported by Sims 4. A downloaded mod might not have been updated for the latest Sims 4 version.

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Open the webpage you downloaded a mod from to double-check its compatibility. A mod’s download page should provide sufficient compatibility info for it.

Make sure you’ve downloaded a mod from the right Sims game category, and check a changelog for it if the download page includes one.

2. Unzip mod packages

Extract all option mods not working sims 4

Make sure your mods are in the correct unzipped formats. To do so, you’ll need to check if there are any zipped mods in your Mods folder.

Click the File Explorer’s taskbar button, and then open this folder path:

Electronic arts\Sims 4\Mods

Your mod packages need to be unzipped and in standard folder format. If not, you’ll need to unzip a mod by selecting its ZIP archive and clicking the Extract all button on File Explorer’s Compressed Folder Tools tab.

Then click Browse to select your Sims 4 Mods folder, and press the Extract button.

3. Check if Sims 4 mods are enabled

  1. First, run your Sims 4 game.
  2. Click the game’s menu button.
  3. Select Game Options to open the window in the shot directly below.
    Game Options window mods not working sims 4
  4. Then select Other to open the options shown directly below.
    Enable Custom Content and Mods setting mods not working sims 4
  5. Select the Enable Custom Content and Mods option.
  6. Then select the Script Mods Allowed checkbox.
  7. Don’t forget to click the Apply Changes button.
  8. Restart the Sims 4 game after changing the settings to check. Your mods should now show up during a game.

4. Select Origin’s Repair Game option

  1. Open your Origin client software.
  2. Click the My Games tab in Origin.
  3. Then right-click your Sims 4 game to open the context menu in the snapshot directly below.
    The Repair Game setting mods not working sims 4
  4. Select the Repair Game option.

5. Update Sims 4

The My Games tab mods not working sims 4

Older versions of Sims 4 have stopped supporting mods entirely. To ensure you’re playing the most update Sims 4 version, click My Games in Origin.

Then right-click Sims 4 and select the Check for update option. If there’s a more updated version available, it will then download and install.

Note: EA updates disable mods. So, you’ll need to enable them as outlined for resolution three after updating Sims 4.

6. Clear the game’s cache folder

  1. First, open File Explorer, which you can do by pressing the Windows and E keys at the same time.
  2. Open this folder within File Explorer: C:\Users\*User name*\Documents\Electronic Arts\Sims 4
  3. Next, press the Ctrl key and select the localthumbcache.package, cache, cachewebkit, astcrash.txt, and lotcachedData files and folders.
  4. Select the Home tab within File Explorer.
    Delete button mods not working sims 4
  5. Then click the Delete button there to erase the selected files and folders.

Those are some of the more probable resolutions for fixing mods that don’t initialize or show up in Sims 4.

If further support is needed, click Contact Us EA’s help page for Sims 4 to send a support ticket.

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