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  • As expected, playing Monopoly games online with friends is way more accessible than inviting them over.
  • Buying the official game is the best way to play Monopoly online, although it does require money.
  • We've also included the best online Monopoly games that are also free if you don't want to spend money.
  • Note that our selection also contains many browser games that do not require a download.
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Monopoly is not only the best known real estate board game but also the oldest. Consequently, over the years, the owners revamped not only the board, scenarios, or tokens to correspond to nowaday’s realities.

They have also adapted the game for a digital version, for various operating systems, in order for it to be more accessible. Thanks to thisthat, you can now play the game online with your friends.

For copyright reasons, there are few Monopoly games available online, apart from the official version. There were, indeed, some variants of the official game launched, but they were discontinued.

But we are going to take a look at some of the best online Monopoly games for your PC. Most of them are paid.

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The free adblocker keeps nagging pop-ups at bay, while the build-in VPN secures your activity while online.

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What are the best online Monopoly choices?

Monopoly Plus/Monopoly

play monopoly online

It is the classic Monopoly, launched for various platforms. It is sold as Monopoly for Nintendo Switch, and as Monopoly Plus for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Google Stadia.

You can inspect every detail of the city center and other neighborhoods as you advance in the game, and you can customize the game to play with your own rules.

With the Xbox One version, you have two available capabilities: live local multiplayer (2-6) or live online multiplayer (2-6).

It is worth mentioning that some users complained about frequent freezing after using the game for the first time. Apparently, login into your Ubisoft account solves this.

Note: For mobile, you can get the app version of the game both on the App Store and Google Store, respectively.

Get Monopoly Plus

Monopoly on Gamepix

A very basic free, online version of the classic game. It can only be played locally, in 2 to 4 players, by tacking switches to the keyboards or console, without having to create separate accounts.

You can play in full screen not to get distracted by the other games, but the image is quite pixelated. The website contains lots of other free minigames that you can play.

Play Monopoly

Monopoly Casino Games

Inspired by the official Monopoly game, the website contains various casino and slot games that feature Monopoly tokens. There is no connection with the gameplay in the official version, whatsoever.

However, since these slot games are Monopoly inspired, perhaps they would interest you, so we figured we’d mention them anyway.

Account creation is mandatory, and as you join the community you get a certain number of free spins and bingo tickets to get an idea of the platform. Then you have to make a deposit to keep playing the games.

Play Monopoly Casino

Rento Fortune

Rento Fortune is a free online Monopoly-like board game. The rules are the same, but instead of real estate, you buy and bid for countries. The game can be played by 2 to 4 players.

You can choose to play solo, in which case you will compete against computers, or online, in which case you’ll get an opponent that is connected to the game at the same time.

The games won’t start if you have an ad blocker, and while playing ads can be annoying.

Play Rento

And these would be just about the only options to play Monopoly online. Perhaps the original version is the best one, but we’d like to hear your opinion on this so drop us a line.

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