Problems Reported with Multiple Desktops Feature in Windows 10

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Microsoft introduced a lot of new exciting features in Windows 10 Technical Preview. Users were most excited about the return of Start Menu and Cortana, but there’s another great feature that will boost your productivity, it’s the ability to work with multiple desktops.
Be Careful With Multiple Desktops In Windows 10
Microsoft is looking for the way to make Windows 10 as productive as possible. And introducing multiple desktops which will allow you to do more than one thing at once is definitely the right direction. With multiple desktops users are able to run Universal apps next to traditional desktop programs, which enables multitasking and fast switching between apps.

But even this great feature of Windows 10 Technical Preview isn’t bug-free and Microsoft still needs to do a lot of work to provide needed stability for it. Since Windows 10 is still a technical preview, a lot of bugs are present in the system. One of these issues causes Windows Explorer to crash if you have more than three desktops open.

The problem occurs because multiple backgrounds cause Windows Explorer to refresh and that often leads to crash. So it is recommended to work with two desktops for now, because of the risk of losing your work due Windows Explorer crash. Unfortunately we can’t find any particular solution for this problem, because it’s Windows system bug, and the only thing we can do for now is to wait for Microsoft to fix this in future builds and final release.

This is just one of many annoying bugs users reported. But, we hope that Microsoft will listen to its users’ voice and fix this and all other reported bugs and problems in the final version of Windows 10. Multiple desktops in Windows 10 are definitely revolutionary feature, but users can’t reach its full potential if it keeps crashing like this.

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