MyHeritage DNA deals [2020 Guide]

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
Managing Editor
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MyHeritage DNA

They say that you cannot make a future for yourself if you don’t know your past. That is why knowing your family and where you come from can be very important.

However, knowing who your ancestors were isn’t that easy for some, so science is needed to dig deeper.

That’s precisely the selling point of MyHeritage DNA, a genetic testing service launched by MyHeritage for a couple of years now.

You can now find out where you come from using the MyHeritage DNA home test kits. These allow users to use cheek swabs to collect samples, and the results provide DNA matching and ethnicity estimates.

Because of the high accuracy of the results, MyHeritage DNA is one of the leading services of its kind.

Take advantage of this awesome Black Friday offer and purchase this genetic testing service for a very nice price tag. Hurry up, the offer is valid only until November 29.

MyHeritage DNA Black Friday offer

  • Black Friday Discount on MyHeritage DNA: Pay only 49€‎ down from 79€‎.

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