5 Best Browsers For 4K Netflix Streaming In 2024

Choose a browser with built-in VPN to access Netflix from everywhere

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Key notes

  • When it comes to streaming multimedia content, Netflix is the absolute champion, and some users prefer to watch it in their browser.
  • So, we've compiled a list of the best browser to watch Netflix so that you have a perfect streaming experience.
  • You can find browsers with a built-in ad-blocker that will block all ads and ad-related scripts, so check them out below.
  • Also, you need a browser that offers 4K streaming support for Netflix along with Dolby and Dolby Vision support. Read on to find out our suggestions!
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This article shares our expert opinion on the best browser for Netflix. Here is all you need to know.

Netflix is currently one of the largest streaming platforms, and it services users from all locations of the world and gives options for the most in-demand movies.

That said, streaming can sometimes be demanding on your resources. A wise option is to use the web service rather than the application.

However, not all web browsers can handle multimedia streaming the same, and in this article, we’ll show you the best browsers for Netflix streaming.

Note that you can use any of the best VPNs for Netflix to view all on Netflix selections.

Which browser support Netflix 4k?

There are two stand-out browsers for Netflix 4k.

On Windows operating systems, the preferred 4K option is Microsoft Edge, while on Mac OS, the preferred choice is the Safari browser.

That said, more generally, across all platforms, you will be able to use Opera One, UR Browser, and Chrome for 4k streaming.

Is Netflix better on the browser?

Many users seem to have a reduced user experience on the Netflix App, but it comes with its advantages. It is the more portable way to stream. If you are traveling, it gives excellent options even for sub-par internet connections.

While we may lean slightly towards the web version, it is a close call, and there is a place for both versions. Hence it does not have to be exclusively either of the two.

Which browser is best for watching Netflix?

Opera One – Best for video streaming

Opera One has been present on the market for two decades and has undergone numerous changes. The browser has a built-in ad blocker that blocks all ads and ad-related scripts.

As a result, your multimedia and pages will load up to 90% faster, making your browsing experience more efficient.

Opera One isn’t demanding on your hardware resources, and with low RAM usage, it will easily handle Netflix and other multimedia content.

Another great feature is the battery saver, which will help you get an extra hour of battery life when you need it.

Speaking of streaming video content, Opera One has a video pop-out feature, so you can watch online videos in a mini window while performing other tasks.

It also has a redesigned interface with a modular design and tab islands which will help you a lot if you’re browsing multiple pages at once.

Other best features of Opera One:

  • Free and unlimited VPN
  • Availability on all major desktop and mobile platforms
  • Ability to sync browsing data
  • Screenshot tool
  • Opera One Flow feature that lets you share notes, links, and files between your devices

Note: The Opera GX version can offer high-quality streaming results due to CPU or Network usage limiters. Plus, you can force Dark mode on any website for a comforting experience.

Opera One

Enjoy fast and high-quality Netflix streaming with the help of this extremely modern and lightweight browser.

Mozilla Firefox – Best for privacy and security

Another great browser for Netflix streaming is Mozilla Firefox, an open-source browser with a heavy focus on user privacy and security.

Since Firefox is a non-profit project, your browsing data isn’t sold to third parties.

Regarding security, the browser offers Enhanced Tracking protection that will block tracking cookies from various websites.

If you want, you can always see how many trackers are blocked and from which websites they are coming.

It’s worth mentioning that the browser supports a wide array of extensions, so you can easily customize it and enhance its functionality.

Notable Firefox features:

  • Customizable user interface
  • Privacy-focused
  • Built-in password manager that lets you access your passwords on all devices
  • Available on all major desktop and mobile platforms
  • Pop-out video player

Get Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome – Extremely fast navigation

When it comes to popularity, Google Chrome is the heavyweight champion. The browser offers a wide array of themes, allowing you to customize your start page easily.

In addition to themes, Chrome also has support for thousands of different extensions and services.

As for performance, the browser frequently gets updates and is fully optimized to work simultaneously with multiple tabs.

Chrome also has a built-in password manager that will sync across all devices that use it. Regarding availability, Chrome is available on every major platform, both desktop, and mobile.

Notable Chrome features:

  • Ability to stream multimedia to Chromecast devices
  • Frequent security updates for maximum security
  • Secure browsing feature that can detect malicious websites
  • Built-in search suggestions for Google Search
  • Built-in ad blocker

Get Google Chrome

Vivaldi – Most customizable

best browser for netflix

Another excellent browser for Netflix is Vivaldi. This browser offers great customization, and you can easily change the position of your tabs or group them to customize your workspace.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can pin your tabs to the sidebar for quick access, and thanks to the split-screen support, you can have two pages open in a single tab for maximum productivity.

Since the browser is privacy-focused, it doesn’t store or track your browsing data, so you can rest assured that your browsing information won’t be sold to third parties.

Notable Vivaldi features:

  • Advanced browsing history
  • Advanced search and ability to navigate through search results quickly
  • Powerful bookmark feature
  • Reader View for distraction-free reading
  • Ability to sync browsing data with other devices

Get Vivaldi

Microsoft Edge – Best browser for Netflix 4k on Windows

The last entry on our list is Microsoft Edge. You’re probably familiar with it since it’s the default browser on Windows.

The browser recently underwent massive changes, and now it carries an abundance of new features.

The new version of Edge offers 4K streaming support for Netflix and Dolby Vision support. It also has an Immersive Reader feature that will remove the unnecessary clutter from the pages for you.

Regarding privacy, a new Tracking Protection feature will prevent websites from tracking your browsing experience.

Regarding security, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen will detect malicious and phishing websites.

Notable Microsoft Edge features:

  • New user interface built on top of Chromium engine
  • Support for Chrome applications
  • Availability on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
  • Customizable start page
  • Optimized for business and home users alike

Get Microsoft Edge

Which is the best browser for streaming?

Opera One with its many features is our top pick for streaming. On the browser, you have native integration for platforms like Twitch.

It has a clean and redesigned UI, that organizes all the important elements into tabs, and because it does not hog system resources, you will be able to enjoy a lag-free streaming experience.

We have not included the Safari browser despite its numerous features because these browsers in the list are generally better streaming options. However, on a more condensed list for Mac, it ranks well among the best browser options for Netflix on Mac.

There you go; these are the best browsers you can use to enjoy Netflix. So what is your favorite web browser? Let us know in the comments below.

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