Microsoft will release two Windows 10 updates every year

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Microsoft has announced that it’s planning on releasing two yearly feature updates for Windows 10, Office 365 ProPlus and for System Center Configuration Manage.

The yearly-releases-for-feature-updates issue

The company is going to align the release schedules for Office 365 ProPlus and Windows in the months of March and September.

Redstone 3 is scheduled for release this September as Windows has committed to this predictable twice-per-year feature release schedule.

It’s not quite certain that Microsoft will stick to the plan and release Redstone 3 in September if we consider how the company targeted March 2017 for its Creators Update and then released it in April. Even if Redstone 3 is finalized by September, it might be launched in October if Microsoft maintains its ways.

Microsoft still has to unveil the focus of the upcoming feature updates for Windows 10. The previous feature updates (the November Update, the Anniversary Update, and the Creators Update) brought more functionality to the OS such as support for extensions in Microsoft Edge, Bash shell, Windows Ink, and more.

18 months of service and support for each feature release

On the Windows for Business blog, Microsoft also announced that it plans on supporting each Windows 10 feature release for 18 months.

The first feature update version of Windows 10 is going to be retired on May 9th. Microsoft said that it will still support the last Current Branch for Business releases, on the other hand. The Creators Update is going to become the next Current Branch for the Business version.

Two yearly feature updates might put some strain on IT departments and one of their options might be to skip every other release in order to gain more time for testing and deployment.


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Right, so a couple of days a year when we’re almost guaranteed to have ‘computer problems’! AM seriously thinking that Linux is the only way to go – just can’t cope with this inconsistency any more. I want to be able to USE my computer, not be constantly having to relearn where things have now been moved to, or reinstalling business software that Microsoft has decided they don’t like me having, and delete without my say so. I could go on, but I’m just over it. My computer is a tool – whether or not I use it for business or entertainment, it is still a tool – I don’t understand why somebody keeps going into my toolbox and removing MY tools that I have PAID for from it, and then (sometimes) replacing them with inferior versions that don’t function as well as the tools that were STOLEN. So now, Microsoft are being kind enough to tell me that they’ll be along to mess up my toolbox and no doubt throw a couple of my useful tools away every 6 months. Thanks Microsoft, not!