What should the next Xbox controller look like?

The Xbox users are not asking for much.

by Flavius Floare
Flavius Floare
Flavius Floare
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next gen xbox controller
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The FTC v Microsoft hearing has been revealing a lot of secrets, from everywhere. It seems Microsoft wanted to buy Sony out of business, just to erase competition for Xbox.

Speaking of Xbox, executives from Microsoft agree that it’s losing the console war. And in a race to not lose it, Microsoft is reportedly eyeing video games development studios for acquisition.

The documents for the hearing also revealed that Microsoft paid $117 million for Ninja Theory, the studio that developed Senua’s Sacrifice. And they also revealed one more important thing. It seems that the next-gen consoles will hit the market in 2028, as reported by IGN.

This gives Xbox developers a lot of time de redesign the next Xbox controller. It seems that users want a new controller, and some of them even have ideas when it comes to it. So what should the next Xbox controller look like?

Here’s what the next Xbox controller should look like

Some of the users would love new buttons, especially ones that include good features, such as automatically muting mics when pushed.

Honestly I feel that next gen controller should come with buttons or paddles on the back that are their own dedicated buttons and push to mute buttons on the controller that work for all mics.

I don’t care about haptic feedback, and I surely don’t want a microphone in the controller to constantly hear other people’s buttons being pressed. What I would like to see: mechanical buttons; trigger stops; hall effect sticks; paddles; I wouldn’t change anything about the shape or design.

Some other users agree that they should do something about the noise it releases when pushed. So the next gen Xbox controller should be as quiet as it can get.next gen xbox controller

Others would love it if the next-gen Xbox controller would borrow some elements from the PlayStation 5 controller.

I would like to see 3 things: Adaptive triggers. This is my favorite feature on the PS5 controller. 3D rumble. The vibration effect in the joycons and PS5 controllers really brings in a new level of emersion. Magnetic joysticks. Controller drift has become a really large issue in this current gen and it needs to go.

But there are users who think that the current Gen Xbox controller is just fine the way it is now.

Next gen?? Not a feature, but for all I wish, they should already work on improve its internal components, boards, develop a better analog stick internal piece so it has no drift, increasing its lifespan.

All I care about is that it’s comfortable and functional. I could use extra back buttons, more mapping options are always nice, and I’d like Microsoft to remove the clicky noise from the d-pad. Other than that, I’m good.

The perfect Xbox controller would be the current one, but with less noise and with greater durability. Do you agree with them? How do you see the next-gen Xbox controller? What should it have? Let us know in the comments section below.

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