NieR: Automata fullscreen resolution bug on PC [FIX]

By: Madeleine Dean
2 minute read

NieR: Automata is a fun and challenging game to play, but not all players can run it at their monitors’ native resolution on full screen. This is actually a frequent issue affecting quite a significant number of players.

Here’s how one user describes this problem:

When I first played the game, I was wondering why it was so blurry, steam overlay was crazy too, but I was at my native, which is 900p. Every other resolutions get blurry since they’re not my native, but this one too. It’s like you play at 1599×899 for example. The missing pixels are here, stretched to fit your actual screen, and it messes up the actual display I guess!

How to fix NieR: Automata fullscreen bugs

You can fix the annoying NieR: Automata fullscreen resolution issue by enabling windowed mode at the desired resolution and using borderless windowed. The only setback is that this fix incurs a FPS performance hit.

The good news is that a new workaround is now available, causing less latency in fullscreen. One resourceful modder has created a new fix for this issue. All you need to do to get the fix, is to download this file and extract its contents into your game’s install directory.

Once you’ve done this and you boot up the game,some diagnostics text will appear on the screen. To get rid of it, simply hit CTRL + SHIFT + O and the message will no longer appear after each restart.

Bear in mind that if you’re running Windows 7, you’ll need two download two additional DLLs.  You can get them from GitHub. Add the DLLs to the game’s install directory, same as the mod itself.


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