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  • Listening to music is an incredible pastime for many Windows 10 users.
  • However, an issue where the Enhancement tab is missing can greatly affect it.
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Enhancement tab has been one of the important Windows features. In fact, before Windows 10 most of would be using the Enhancement Tab to toggle volume and other audio controls.

The microphone enhancement further made it easy to tweak the audio hardware for the perfect sound.

That apart certain issues like the no sound, microphone not working and audio recording failure are mostly linked to the enhancement tab failure.

If you are a Windows 10 user and cannot access the microphone enhancement tab in the microphone properties, fret not, you have come to the right place.

On an added note, this issue can also cause your mic to distort and thus end up in a recording or a call with average voice quality. Check out the ways below to fix the Missing Microphone Enhancement Tab issue.

We’ve written about microphone issues before. Bookmark this page in case you need it.

What do I do if my Microphone Enhancement Tab is missing?

1. Reinstall/update the audio drivers

Driver issues on Windows are not something that’s exactly new, in fact, we have instances of Bluetooth malfunction and other video issues due to a faulty/missing driver.

I would personally recommend the HP Beats Audio Driver since it comes with a feature that automatically recognizes the sound card component and enhances the sound.

In order to download and install the HP Beats Audio Driver for Windows 10, follow the steps below,

  1. Download the HP Beats Driver from the HP Support Page
  2. Select the Operating system and the version
  3. Expand the selection by clicking on Audio-Driver and click on Download

Personally, the HP Beats has been very effective in maintaining the bass level and the high-quality output. That being said the HP Beats is still based on the proprietary IDT High Definition or Realtek High-Definition audio driver.

Keep in mind that it’s vital to keep your drivers updated for your system’s health. As this process is long and annoying, we strongly recommend to do it automatically.

A much faster solution would be to use a dedicated driver updater and fixer.

Not only will you be spared the hassle of manually going to each manufacturer’s website and browsing for the right version, but a dedicated updater will always get the latest available.

One such solution is DriverFix, an incredibly lightweight solution for any PC owner that likes having the latest of everything.

DriverFix automatically update drivers

Simply launch it, and your drivers will be updated and fixed all by themselves.

All you need to do is choose which ones you want repairing, and then perform a simple PC restart for the changes to take effect.



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2. Check your hardware

  1. Add a Device to fix the Microphone Enhancement Issue
  2. Launch Run by using Win+R
  3. Enter Control.exe
  4. After hitting enter the Control Panel should open
  5. Now head over to Add a device and select Hardware and Sound
  6. Select your audio device and click Next
  7. Restart your PC

As always, the first step would be to ensure that the hardware is not malfunctioning and is connected properly.

Check the physical state of the microphone and the wire that connects it to the computer. Also, unplug and re-plug the device.

In the meanwhile, you can try connecting the microphone to other Windows 10 devices and see if the problem persists.

Alternatively, try to record a sample sound on any other device.

If the mic is working on other machines but not on your Windows 10, the issue seems to lie with the software. I would personally recommend users to check the sound ports for lint and other dust particles.

If you are a stickler for quality I would recommend installing a dedicated sound card.

Once again go to the sound settings and see if the enhancement tab reappears. If not proceed to the next step.

3. Try Enabling Audio Related Services on Windows 10

  1. Open Windows Services
  2. Head over to the Windows Audio
  3. Double click on the service and go to the General tab
  4. Click on the Startup Type button and select Automatic from the drop-down.

It is quite possible that the audio-related services may have been stopped or disabled on your Windows 10. This may end up causing a missing microphone enhancement tab in the microphone properties,

Fix audio issues in Windows 10 quickly with the help of our guide!

4. Change your Sound Card Vendor Settings

  1. Open the Control panel
  2. Click on the sound card vendor setting, Realtek HD Audio Manager in our case
  3. Select the microphone option and choose the settings as per your preference
  4. Once again head back to the Recording Device and see whether the Enhancement tab appears

Every sound card vendor offers its own app. One can try to fix the Missing enhancement tab issue by using the sound card vendor manager.

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