NVIDIA’s new GT 1030 is a productivity-oriented budget friendly GPU

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In case you’re low on money but you really need to speed up your video and enhance your editing, NVIDIA has a brand new low-cost opportunity especially for you: the new GT 1030.

Get the new GT 1030 from the GeForce lineup

When it comes to GPUs, most attention is targeted at the high-end section of the market. For NVIDIA, this means its GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, offering amazing performance at  $700. But not everyone is searching for this kind of performance. For instance, someone who doesn’t play the latest generation games or who doesn’t necessarily want to give VR a try could settle for less. Even if it hasn’t reached the headlines yet, NVIDIA and its partners have released a new entry to its GeForce lineup with the brand new GT 1030, perfect for this market.

GT 1030 features and specs

The GT 1030 is now available for purchase from a few graphics card makers. The latest graphics card is designed in such a way that it can easily compete with Intel’s integrated HD graphics in non-gaming tasks such as video and photo editing.

The GT 1030 offers double the performance when compared to the integrated GPU in the sixth-gen Intel Core i5 processor. The card features a 64-bit memory interface and it supports up to 2GB of 6GHz GDDR5 memory abd supports resolutions up to 7680×4320 at 60Hz.

The GT 1030 uses NVIDIA’s latest GP108 Pascal GPU and it features three streaming multiprocessor units boasting 384 CUDA cores, 24 TMUs, and 16 ROPs.

Hardware partners will also have variations based on this reference design. For instance, EVGA launched a lineup of three cards and the low end version one is on sale at $75.

The GT 1030 won’t set the gaming realm on fire, but it will sure tackle the low-end market with prices starting from $70 to $80.

For more information, check out this NVIDIA support page.



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