These are the top VR shooters for the PC right now

by Radu Tyrsina
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Who wouldn’t want to blow things up and shoot bad guys without any repercussions found in the real world? Thanks to the first person view most shooters employ, players oftentimes have experienced a deep dive into the game and step in the shoes of the protagonist. And now, today’s technology takes this one step closer with the help of VR.

The promise of virtual reality technology has made way for a new sub-genre of games: VR shooters. For those that seek the ultimate first person experience to put them right into the action, here are the top VR shooters compatible with Windows.

The best VR shooters


The first game on the list is Onward. While Onward is still in Early Access, it is promising game that includes beloved elements of regular shooters to the VR world. In Onward, players team up online with a team of other “military strategists” for a tactical shooter experience.

With many calling it hands down the best VR shooter currently on the market, it’s definitely worth a try considering its developers are constantly adding new modes, maps, fixes and other goodies.


Holopoint is another great VR shooter experience that strays from the crowd with its own unique take. While most shooters of are military-based and packed to the teeth with rifles, pistols and machine guns, Holopoint puts the bow and arrow in the spotlight.

In this game, players take on a very intense VR experience filled to the brim with samurai and ninjas while they go through the motions of using the bow and arrow, from drawing the arrow to releasing it with the utmost precision.

Out of Ammo

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This VR shooter plays on the scenario of the classic war hero. Everyone knows and loves those movies and in the game, players are tasked with defending a point with almost no ammo, no backup and a huge swarm of invaders approaching. If they can heroically pull it off, they’ll go down in history. Players can now be in that position with Out of Ammo.

In this VR game, players defend a point against an insane enemy numbers using high precision and different weapons and just the tools available in the base. Are you ready for the challenge?

Raw Data

The VR experience generated by Raw Data presents a cybernetic future in which players aren’t safe, called to action as one of the three available characters: Bishop, Saija and Boss, each specializing in guns, blades and fists respectively. This choice is important as players get the opportunity to choose their fighting style as well, switching between a large variety of guns and swords or just keeping it simple with close-quarters combat.

In this futuristic shooter, players fight an evil corporation that fights back with an arsenal of robots, ninjas, drones, mechs and tons of explosives. When it gets too hectic, they can team up with a real life friend and battle the corporation together.


Those that fondly remember about the classic on-rails game Virtua Cop will surely take a liking to HordeZ. This title brings on-rails gameplay to the VR scene in ultimately is very diverse experience where players get to choose between multiple weapons to fight multiple types of enemies on multiple levels.

The game puts players in the shoes of an elite mercenary which gets the contract of their lives: repel the demonic hordes causing rampage across the world. With humanity enslaved by mind controlling demons, only the player and (optional) their multiplayer co-op friend can save the day by shooting every demon they see.

The Brookhaven Experiment

The rise of VR shooters have included the genre of survival shooters, which have become their own genre over the past couple of years, cultivating a large following behind them.

In The Brookhaven Experiment, players crawl through levels while managing their supplies and making sure they don’t run out of their extremely limited and important goods and ammo. After a failed experiment put the entire human race in peril, players must survive in a world filled with monstrosities that are more than happy to hunt them down and see to it that they don’t.

House of the Dying Sun

House of the Dying Sun brings players in the setting of a true space opera-type adventure. In this title, the emperor is dead and the throne has fallen into corrupt and undeserving hands. It’s up to the player to correct this in a series of spectacular space ship battles in the seat of Empire’s prime aircraft. Take the fight to the enemy while shooting away from this fine vessel’s cockpit.

More than that, players are in control of the entire fleet, giving their reign over the other ships, commanding them to fulfill specific actions and tasks in a very intricate tactical shooter set in space.

Pavlov VR

Some of these VR shooters are great but for some they might appear as being just a bit too fancy. Traditional gamers whojust don’t like all these new features or are having a hard time getting the hang of them can opt for Pavlov VR instead. The perfect way to keep this player segment connected to the VR phenomenon, Pavlov VR brings the classic multiplayer shooter experience with a tiny twist.

While the game is as multiplayer shooter-based as it can be, it does have an MMO-inspired feature that has players traverse the map as ghosts to reconnect with their out of body selves at the new location.

War Thunder

War Thunder is a different entry in this list, mainly because it’s not a game specifically designed for VR. Instead, it can be played without a headset but features the option of going into VR mode. The game takes the gun out of a player’s hands and shoves them into a machine of mass destruction. Players can choose between aircrafts, tanks, and even warships as they battle across multiple maps and different landscapes. Whether it be sea, land or the skies, players can play a role in the most epic war ever portrayed in an MMO.

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

Last but definitely not least is Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope. Veteran gamers will have no problem remembering this franchise’s days of glory when it was one of the most popular shooter franchises out there. While that shine has since faded, Serious Sam still holds a special place in many people’s hearts and memories.

Now, players have the chance to hop into a VR experience focused on killing dozens upon dozens of demons, monsters and freaks into a new, more realistic light. The game is still in Early Access, which means that the developers will be adding more content regularly but the game is available to play right now.