Microsoft Office 365 bug sends incoming emails to junk

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Office 365 office users were surprised to find out that all incoming emails were being sent to junk.
  • Microsoft announced on Twitter that they are aware of the issue and we working on solving it.
  • In a later update, the tech company said that they are reverting the changes that led to the issue. 
  • This all started due to changes being applied to fix another problem that was affecting Exchange.
MS Office 365 email bug

Microsoft 365 users suddenly realized that they aren’t receiving emails anymore and their inbox folder showed no new notifications.

Much to their surprise, they later discovered that all their emails were being automatically forwarded to the junk folder, for no known reason.

Microsoft Office 365 error sends incoming emails to junk

The support team at Microsoft currently working on solving an Office 365 issue causing Outlook and Exchange Online emails to totally skip recipients’ inboxes and, instead, be forwarded to their junk folders instead.

In their first Twitter report, the tech team from Microsoft stated that they are aware of the issue and are about to perform a more in-depth investigation on the matter.

We’re investigating an issue in which email is being sent to the junk folder. We’ll be providing updates under EX258373 in the admin center.

About an hour later, Microsoft confirmed that the error was the result of some changes they performed and that the issue was being dealt with accordingly.

We’re reverting a change that has caused inbound email to be incorrectly routed to the junk folder. Additional information can be found in the admin center under EX258373

The Microsoft support team says the changes were reverted

In an update posted from the same Twitter account this morning, the Microsoft 365 support team confirmed that they had gotten to the bottom of the situation and all the changes were being reverted.

These issues that affected MS Office started twelve hours earlier when the tech company said it was investigating an ongoing problem where some users were unable to forward email messages using Exchange Online.

Apparently, while trying to come up with a solution to this problem, they accidentally caused a series of events that lead to all this conundrum.

We are keeping an eye on this developing story, in order to know exactly if this will still be a problem in the future and, also, what we can do to fix it.

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