Fix: OneDrive entry point not found

Teodor Nechita
by Teodor Nechita
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The future of data storage seems to be in cloud storage services. These are becoming safer, more secure, cheaper, and an overall better choice over the typical larger hard drive that you could by.

There are plenty of such services out there, and Microsoft’s OneDrive is one of the best there is. of course, OneDrive is not without its faults.

For example, several users have been reporting that they have been receiving an error message stating that a OneDrive entry point not found:

I am trying to install OneDrive on my windows machine and I am getting the following error: OneDriveSetup.exe – Entry Point Not Found

This seems to be quite a frequent problem with OneDrive. Fortunately enough, there are also plenty of solutions to this issue as well.

How can I fix the missing entry point error?

1. Scan your PC for malware

One of the leading causes for the missing entry point error is the presence of malware and viruses.

These will usually destroy and modify registries, so a good idea is to have a good antivirus program installed to keep them safe. You must then use the antivirus to scan your entire system and remove the malware.

If you’re looking for some good antivirus programs, check out our in-depth guide.

2. Perform a system restore to a version where the error didn’t exist

This is probably the most efficient method to fix any error besides a clean WIndows 10 install.

However, keep in mind that any changes and data you added since the last system restore will be deleted. As such, choose this option only when all other methods fail.

For more details on how to create a system restore point, check out this comprehensive guide for more info. If this doesn’t solve the missing entry point issue for OneDrive, proceed to the next step.

If you are looking for an automatic solution to fix your PC, check out these great tools

3. Run an SFC Scan

A Secure File Checker Scan (SFC for short), is a proprietary method of your OS of restoring and repairing your files and registries after they have been altered by mishandling or malware.

You can perform an SFC scan by doing the following:

  1. Press Start
  2. Type in cmd
  3. Open the Command prompt using administrator rights
  4. In the Command prompt, type sfc /scannow
  5. Press Enter to run the command

sfc scan

By following these steps you should now get rid of the missing entry error in OneDrive.

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