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Do you want to have unlimited free storage space for saving your data in good and secured conditions? Well, in that case you need to use a cloud storage service. Luckily for you, if you search for cloud storage apps on the Windows Store you can find some interesting and also useful tools to download and to use on your Windows 8 based device. In that matter and for helping you out, during the following lines I will describe the best Windows 8 Cloud Storage Apps that are currently available.
cloud storage windows 8
For most of us, the storage space represents a real problem, especially when the storage capacity is limited or when you can’t expand it with a micro SD card. But that’s not the only reason for using a cloud storage service. In some cases, before performing some custom operations on your devices, you need to save or backup your data – else it might get corrupted or even wiped out. So, you need to find a way in which you can safely store your apps, general data, personal accounts and info along with market apps and so on.

There are many cloud services available for your Windows 8 device, but the best will be not to mix more than 2 services at one time (for example, you can lose your data in case you forgot your account). That’s why I will describe the best Windows 8 Cloud Storage Apps that are currently available on Windows store. Read the lines from below, test the tools and decide which app to use as your own cloud storage service.


bitcasaBitcasa is a cloud storage service that can be downloaded from Windows Store for free. In order to use this service, you first have to download the Bitcasa app for Windows 8. Then you need to create an account, or to sign in on your existing Bitcasa account. You can then easily download the desktop client from the Bitcasa official website.

Starting from now you can easily update files on your account; all the files will be then displayed on the Windows 8 app. Unfortunately this cloud storage service isn’t providing some important features such as the possibility of deleting and creating folders or moving items, while the loading time of general files is rather slow. But, don’t forget that this service is free, so if you don’t want to make an investment, the Bitcasa cloud storage service for Windows 8 should be just perfect for you.


dropboxDropbox is maybe the most popular cloud storage service used by Windows 8 users. The app can be downloaded for free from Windows Store and comes with great features and possibilities. The tool is featuring an intuitive and easy to use UI, saving files with Dropbox being suitable even for a newbie.
With Dropbox you can save, move or share files via Email or within the app.

You can also edit or modify your data directly from Dropbox, so you don’t have to permanently download and upload the files you want to change. As you can see, Dropbox is a little bit more specialized in cloud storage services than Bitcasa and it is also free for those interested in using such service. You can read a proper review of Dropbox by going here.

Western Digital

western digitalIf you want to have an one-touch access to your media and data then Western Digital is the perfect cloud storage app app for your Windows 8 tablet. Western Digital is actually more than just a regular cloud storage service as this tool is implying in using or connecting an external hard drive to your Windows 8 device, though managing your files will be easier than ever.

Western Digital is featuring a live tile on the Windows 8 Start Screen on which your data will be displayed. You can then easily access your files, or share your data with your friends or with other Windows 8 devices. This app is also available for free via Windows Store, so don’t hesitate and test the same. Also, read a proper review of Western Digital tool.

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SkyDriveSkyDrive is a great cloud storage service that can be anytime downloaded from Windows Store on your Windows 8 device if it doesn’t come built-in already. With this app you will get a user friendly interface and great features that can be used for syncing your data and personal files with your cloud service. No browser or Windows Explorer window is required as you can now upload your files easily directly from your Windows 8 tablet or notebook. Quite soon, it will be rebranded into OneDrive, so make sure you get the name right.

All My Storage

all my storageWith All My Storage app for Windows 8 you can easily manage all your cloud services and uploaded files. So, if you want to move files between your accounts from one cloud service to another (the app handles multiple accounts like SkyDrive or even DropBox), then the best Windows 8 app to use will be All My Storage. The tool is available on Windows store in two versions, a free and a paid one. Of course, if you choose the Pro version of the cloud service then you will be able to receive and use more dedicated features and possibilities – you can integrate Google Drive or SugarSync.


boxThis free cloud storage service for Windows 8 offers 10 GB of storage space, so Box is better than SkyDrive when it comes to the free storage space available – on SkyDrive you only have 7 GB of cloud storage to handle. Box can be downloaded for free from Windows Store, but the app still needs some improvements as the same SkyDrive has more features to offer and better possibilities of managing files. Anyway, Box is a good alternative to SkyDrive, especially when you need more free space to use.

All the mentioned cloud storage services for Windows 8 can be used in a similar way. You need to first download the app from Windows Store; create an account or sign in to the existing one. Then, create a folder on your computer, add files and data and sync the same with your online account. If you have questions or if you can’t use one of the described tools from above, tell us and we will assist you as soon as possible. Feel free and add your own top of cloud storage services for Windows 8 with us and we will update the list from above accordingly.


sia cloud storage

This is the item that we add in 2018 as you can already be interested in decentralized solutions for your storage. If you are one of the people interested in blockchain technology, you can support it by using this cloud storage. The storage space is created by using a smart technology that creates a storage market which has more advantages than the traditional cloud storage solutions.

Security is its best with Sia. The service encrypts all your data and distributes where it can be stored in the network. Only the user receives the encryption key, and even if there are some super-hackers that can retrieve a piece of your data, it will do nothing with it as it will be like a single piece from a big puzzle.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2014 and has been since revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.


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