4 online video editors that don’t add any watermarks to your videos

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best free online video editing tools

When using free resources such as software and online services to manage and edit video clips, you are not always free to work as you see fit.

In most cases, these tools have obvious limitations. Oftentimes, you also get a watermark included in the package.

Essentially the watermark is nothing more than a digital mark (usually the logo) that identifies the author or the product of a given file, video or photo.

Are you looking for a tool to remove watermarks? Check out this list.

So, are there any online tools that allow you to edit and format videos that do not forcefully insert their own watermark?

Read on to learn more.

What are the best online video editors without watermarks?


Video Toolbox

Video Toolbox online video editing

Video Toolbox is perhaps the best free web resource for editing and managing videos.

You can load your videos of up to 1500 MB (should be enough for non-professional videos) and also crop and merge video files.

In order to use this resource, you need to create a free account. Once activated, you can let your imagination take over.

Try Video Toolbox



clipchamp online video editor

The second tool on the list is ClipChamp. This solution also offers an advanced editor in which there is an extensive library of images you can use in your projects (premium version).

To create your own videos, just upload the photos and distribute them on the timeline.

You can also apply filters and effects to the entire clip or to every single image. You also got a few options to manage the saturation and exposure of the photos.

The only flaw of the free version is that you can download SD videos (480p) only.

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If you need a professional video editing tool, we’re sure this one will satisfy your needs.


Hippo Video

Hippo Video online video editing

Have you ever heard of the Hippo Video? Although the name of this website may seem like a joke, in reality it is not. In fact, this is a useful tool that allows you to create and edit videos online.

Its features are very similar to those of ClipChamb. The difference is that you can upload videos from a PC directly to Hippo Video, record another video using your webcam and insert music tracks via cloud services such as Google Drive.

This platform is definitely worth giving it a try.

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Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online editing options

Movie Maker Online lets you create videos from personal photos, which can be loaded on the platform and sorted according to your preferences.

You can easily add filters and effects to get a great result. As soon as you arrive on the homepage of the service, we will immediately understand that it is a very simple resource to use.

So, it is also suitable for those who do not have extensive knowledge of video editing.

If you are looking for a resource that allows you to edit or create a personal video without watermark, then you must try out Movie Maker Online. Create your user account to access the full range of options.

Try out Movie Maker Online

Let us know in the comments section which tool you chose and why.

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