Opera now lets you block ads faster and select multiple tabs

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Opera is one of the more underrated browsers for Windows. The browser has some novelties that few of the alternatives include. For example, it includes a built-in ad blocker, which is not something you will find in many other browsers. The latest Opera 52 version, released this March, now includes an even better ad blocker, new animations and supports multiple tab selection.

Faster ad blocking features

Opera Software boasts that 52’s ad blocker is now 16% faster than the one included in 51. The latest Opera version clocked up an average load time of 45 seconds for 15 sites compared with 51’s 54 seconds. The benchmarking also included Google Chrome, which has a more limited ad blocker. Chrome’s ad blocker clocked up one minute 24 seconds when compared with Opera 52.

The revamped ad blocker will certainly speed up Opera that much more. Combined with Opera’s page compression, the browser is among the fastest around. You can also select the Opera Turbo option to give the browser even more of a boost.

You can now select multiple tabs

However, there is more to the Opera 52 update than a faster ad blocker. The most exciting new development for the browser is that you can now select multiple tabs! Opera users can select multiple pages by holding the Ctrl key and clicking tabs. In addition, holding the Shift key and clicking a tab will select all open tabs to the right of the selected tab.

Opera Software has also added a new option to 52’s tab context menu. Opera users can now right-click a tab and select a Copy page address option on the context menu. That will copy the page URL to the clipboard so that you can paste it into a word processor with the Ctrl + V hotkey.

You can also copy multiple page URLs by pressing the Ctrl key, selecting the tabs and then clicking Copy page addresses. You will need the Copy URL extension to add a similar option to Chrome.

New animations bring Opera to life a little more. There are six new animations for error pages, such as site can’t be reached and DNS errors. The animations are a comical addition to the browser. For example, a dog in space animation pops up when a site cannot be reached.

Opera 52 is not a major overhaul for the browser when compared with Firefox’s Quantum update. However, the refinements have still boosted the browser’s speed a little and enhanced tab management.

The new Copy page address option will also come in handy for anybody who needs to copy and paste website URLs. You can update Opera to 52 by pressing the Download now button on this webpage.


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