New version of Opera recognizes Windows 10 Tablet Mode, brings UI improvements

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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Competition among web browsers for Windows 10 is on the rise, with developers constantly coming up with new features in order to stay competitive. Opera is one of the browsers fully committed to Windows 10, constantly trying to bring the best possible experience to the users of Microsoft’s latest operating system.

The newest version of Opera brings a lot of changes to the browser, making it more Windows 10-like. On its official page, Opera stated its browser is the best browser for Windows 10. Indeed, it does bring some refreshing features not found in rival browsers but at the end of the day, users will have the final word on which browser is truly the best for Windows 10.

Opera is more Windows 10-friendly now

The latest version of Opera is mainly focused on user interface improvements. The start page is now customizable, with users able to set different themes from Opera’s library. Speed Dial is still on the start page, but you have an option to add news selected by Opera, too. To design the start page to your liking, just go to the small gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

opera windows 10

Another user interface improvement is a color-changing title bar. You have an option to change the color of the title bar to match the color of your Windows 10 user interface (taskbar, Start Menu, etc.). To change the color of the title bar, go to Settings ->Browsing -> User interface -> Show system color on top bar. Having the same color as the rest of Windows 10’s user interface will definitely make using Opera more natural as it will blend into the environment.

opera windows 10 version 36

And finally, something that could give Opera an advantage over rival browsers is the ability to recognize when Windows 10 is set to Tablet Mode. When Windows 10 is in Tablet Mode, the full screen option will show up in Opera and it will become optimized for touch screens. By doing this, users will have a feeling that they’re actually using a Universal app from the Store.

As we said before, Opera is completely dedicated to Windows 10. We should expect even more updates that will make using Opera more natural in a Windows 10 environment. Opera also discontinued support for Windows XP and Windows Vista, which proves its commitment to Windows 10 even further.

You can download the latest version of Opera from this link.

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