Outlook and Xbox users are frustrated by server issues, again

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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Microsoft is a software giant that holds many subsidiaries and provides plenty of services. Unfortunately, managing so many isn’t all that easy, even for someone like the Redmond Giant.

That being said, for the past 24h the Outlook.com and Xbox services have been down, and many users ar enow paying the price.

Outlook users get their emails returned as Spam

Because of Outlook’s issues, users have been reporting that all of their emails are returned to them as spam:

Suddenly both our Hotmail email accounts have the problem pasted below. I note this has been a recurring problem discussed in past community dialogues but the solutions provided do not correct the problem. The content of these messages is not spam. Please in non-tech language let me know how to resolve this issue.

The problem is quite serious, and it has been happening for more than 24 hours know. Microsoft is fully aware of the issues, and has this to say about their Outlook services:

There are currently issues with the Outlook.com service. Users may be unable to log in, or send and receive emails through Outlook.com. The issue is being actively worked on by Microsoft Engineers.

Xbox users can’t use the chat feature

Curiously, Xbox‘s social and Gaming servers are also down. Regarding the issue, Microsoft posted on Xbox‘s Twitter page that they are currently trying everything they can to solve the problem:

We’re aware that some users are having issues sending and receiving messages. Our engineers are aware of this issue, and are working on a fix.

In the case of console users, their problems are a bit milder since they can still surf the Internet, play games and watch movies. However, any type of social interaction is currently out for the count.

These problems have persisted for over 12 hours as well as of now, and users have already started expressing how displeased they are in the Twitter post’s comments section:

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Both the Outlook and the Xbox problems have persisted for quite some time now. However, Microsoft has yet to come with any statement regarding hat cause the issues and when will the services be back to full capacity.

That being the case, all users can do now is sit and hope that they won’t have to wait for much longer.

What’s your take on Outlook and Xbox‘s latest issue? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and we’ll continue the talk.