Payoneer payment not received yet? Here’s why

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  • Payoneer is an extremely popular online payment system, but it is still software-based.
  • The guide below will show you what to do if a Payoneer payment has not been received.
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Payoneer payment not reached my bank account

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Payoneer is a popular financial service for freelances and professionals around the world to send and receive payments directly to their bank account. However, at times you may not receive Payoneer payment as expected.

To resolve the Payoneer payment not received issue, you can check the Payoneer FAQ page. But, if you did not find a satisfactory answer, this article is for you.

In this article, we take a look at some tips to help you resolve Payoneer payment not received an issue with your account.

What can I do if the Payoneer payment not reached my bank account?

1. Delayed due to holidays

Payoneer payment not received

  1. Your bank usually takes 24 hours to process the payment once it has been withdrawn from the Payoneer account.
  2. However, the payment can get delayed due to bank holidays and other govt holidays.
  3. Depending on your country, check if there are long holidays or even bank holidays.
  4. The payment request made on Friday is usually processed by the banks on Monday.
  5. Officially Payoneer says it can take up to 5 days to process the payment. Make sure 5 days are passed before you take any steps.

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2. Contact Payoneer Support

Payoneer payment not received

  1. If the payment is not received after 5 business days, you can contact Payoneer support.
  2. Log in to your Payoneer account and visit the Contact us page.
  3. Payoneer offers multiple options to contact them including Live Chat and Call option.
  4. Select Live Chat and discuss the issue.
    • Keep your transaction ID handy.
  5. Payoneer support may also ask you to provide the bank statement for verification.
  6. The customer support will give you details about the transaction and if the payment is rejected by your bank.

3. Contact your bank

  1. Payoneer support will most likely ask the users to contact their respective bank branches to get more information about the delayed payment.
  2. Contact your bank and provide the transaction details.
  3. If you plan to visit the bank, download the transaction confirmation document from your Payoneer account.
  4. Login to Payoneer and go to Transactions.
    Payoneer payment not received
  5. Click on the recently made transaction and then click on Get Confirmation button.

By following the steps in this article, you can resolve Payoneer payment not received an issue with your Payoneer account. Do let us know what you did to fix the problem in the comments below.

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