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PC privacy screen filters keep confidential data safe from wandering eyes. String passwords and encryption software help you keep your private work data private. But such tools can’t stop someone from peering at your screen from over your shoulder or snapping a picture of what you are working on. This is called visual hacking, and it is a serious security threat that businesses shouldn’t ignore anymore.

Fortunately, the issue can be easily fixed with privacy filters that adhere to a machine’s display. These filters severely restrict the viewing angle in such a way that only someone who is sitting in front of the screen can see what’s on it. Anyone who tries to sneak a peek from the sides or the top will only get to see a blank screen.

Here’s why you should use privacy screens

In addition to protection your documents from being viewed by prying eyes, a privacy filter can also help eliminate excessive glare from your computer screen. Did you know that glare causes all types of conditions ranging from chronic headaches to Presbyopia which is actually the weakening of your eye muscles?

When you are able to eliminate glare from your computer screen, you can work much longer house without feeling tired or getting a headache. People who have complained of headaches at the end of every day found a significant improvement in their condition as soon as they installed an anti-glare filter on their computer screen.

How do privacy filters work?

Privacy screens are quite low-tech, and they consist of only a polarized plastic sheet. Polarization works as an optical filter that blocks out light from particular angles. This is the same technology that is used for polarized sunglasses and some types of camera lenses.

What to look for in a high-quality privacy filter?

Clarity of image

Privacy filters have the tendency of blocking some light from the PC’s screens making them appear dimmer. Dimming can be offset by turning out a screen’s brightness, on the other hand.


The way that you apply the filter to the screen varies from model to model, and you should look for a filter that is easily applied and removed over and over again. The best filters adhere to using reusable micro-suction strips that will not leave any sticky residue.

Matte finish

Some privacy filters can give glossy screens a matte look, and this will help ward off distraction reflections, but it can also make the display look pretty dull. Some filters are reversible, and they let you choose between a matte or a glossy side before you apply them.


Privacy filters come in more colors, and the basic ones will look black once you apply them when they are viewed from an angle. You can also get filters that give off a gold sheen when they are viewed from the side. Such gold filters will be a bit more expensive because they will not dim your screen so much but on the other hand, they also tend to be more reflective than black ones. This means that they are not that good for people who are working outdoors.

To make your task easier, we selected 4 of the best privacy filters for PC using the criteria listed above.

Here are the best privacy filters for your Windows PC

Vintez 22-inch Privacy Screen Filter for Widescreen Monitors

In case you fear that lots of people are prying around and snooping into your desktop screen, we have the solution. If you hesitate to enter the passwords or to read, view or surf your desktop content in an office environment for the same reason, install this privacy filter from Vintez and you can relax.

The Vintez Computer Privacy Screen Filter limits the viewing angle of your screen to a straight position such that only you can see the contents of your monitor screen while everyone on either side of it sees only a darkened monitor screen.

It also helps improve the confidentiality of your information, your surfing details, and so on. In other words, it reduces the risk of any visual hacking or visual theft.

It uses an anti-scratch, and anti-glare technology and it will also reduce exposure of your eyes to UV by 96% and the LF-radiation by up to 99,9%.

JPC 23-inch W Privacy Filter

Before purchasing this filter, make sure to check your screen size, length, and width.

JPC’s privacy filter protects your privacy from all prying eyes. Whoever is on the left or right side of your seat more than 60-degree angle from your screen won’t be able to see anything. This function only works on the right side or the left side, not fro the back side.

The filter is designed to fit a 23-inch widescreen monitor, and laptops with 16:9 ratio screens measuring 20.07 x 11.30 inches. It is also reversible, and its matte side reduces glare and reflections.

The filter is actually made by LG Electronics using top notch technology, and it will definitely keep your screen confidential and private.

You will find the filter also in bulk packing for the best possible price.

The privacy filter function starts at a 45-degree angle to the left and right side from the middle of your screen. After more than a 60-degree angle, the privacy function is working on full screen.

RuiPlus Privacy Screen Filter for 23-inch PCs

This filter fits all 23.0-inch screens. Check your screen’s dimensions before you decide on getting it to make sure that it will fit. It will provide you with efficient “blackout” privacy from side views outside the 60-degree viewing angle. The filter offers excellent protection for your screen information in public places, keeping your data safe.

The surface of this filter is reversible (glossy and matte), and the matter surface helps reduce reflection and glare as well.

This privacy screen filter also comes with a bunch of extra installation kits which is a really great thing. In case your screen is touch-sensitive, this will reduce the sensitivity of your screen, and you will need more pressure for the touch function.

Kensington FS240 Snap2 Privacy Screen for 22-inch to 24-inch PCs

This filter fits most 22-inch to 24-inch widescreen monitors with a 16:10 or 16:9 aspect ratio. It manages to narrow the field of vision on the monitor to +/- 30 degrees, helping you keep the information on your screen to yourself.

The spring-loaded mount secures to the screen without hassle or adhesives. The textured surface with light tint minimizes glare and improves contrast, and it also reduces harmful blue light by up to 30%.

Its hard-coated surface protects sensitive flat panel screen from smudges and damage.

With the help of this filter, you will be able to protect confidential and sensitive data from on your monitor from wondering eyes. It can easily be attached to a flat panel display, and it’s straightforward to install. You don’t need any kind of tools or adhesives.

Users who access corporate networks from remote locations pose a potential danger to data confidentiality because they are in an unsecured and uncontrolled area. The danger consists of allowing unauthorized people to view the data that you are accessing and this is why you really need a privacy screen filter. All the filters that we have presented are ideal for keeping your privacy as it should be, private.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2017 and has been revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.