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Are you looking for the best tools to password lock exe files? We’ve got the best tools enlisted for you in this post.

There are times when people like their privacy and choose to keep their personal things safe and secure, but they don’t know how to go about this. Our computers and other digital devices have over the years become a very important part of our day-to-day activities, due to the frequent use of certain programs, we keep personal files on them and sometimes want to keep them password-secured.

Keeping files secure is one the safest way to protect them from alteration of any kind. Files like .exe files are no exception but not everyone keeps their .exe files secure. A lot of tools are available for download to keep these files but only a few really take the time to secure and protect them against any third-party influence.

We have carefully highlighted the best software to lock your exe files and they are professionally trusted and recommended, check below:

Password lock executable files using any of these tools

  1. GiliSoft EXE Lock

password lock exe filesGilsoft EXE Lock is quite a useful tool that blocks any unauthorized access to .exe files whenever an attempt is made to launch the executable files. The tool is also built to enable you to give access to certain people to your files. On the other hand, the simple interface of this tool makes it easy for anyone without technical background to password lock .exe files.

Gilsoft EXE Lock features:

  • Command line support.
  • Lock with a secure cryptographic algorithm.
  • Eliminate viruses modifying software.
  • Secure access to personal files.

Download now Gilsoft EXE Lock free

  1. Free EXE Lock

password lock exe filesThe most popularly used tool to password lock .exe and software files is the Free Exe Lock. This tool allows you to password lock .exe file on your computer without the use of any third-party components or application.

In addition, Free Exe Lock is entirely a free software that helps goes the extra mile by also password protecting chatting tools, media players, web browsers, etc.

Free Exe Lock features

  • Users can lock any executable programs.
  • Password protected
  • Backup and Launch protocols.
  • Optional encryption modes.

Download Free Exe Locker

  1. KakaExeLock -Password Protect Program


This is an easy-to-use freeware program that makes it easy for Windows users to password lock .exe files and applications.

KakaExeLock runs an algorithm that modifies the binary to be executable such that only if a valid password is put in will the file be opened. However, It works basically on Windows XP up to Windows 7.

KakaExeLock features:

  • Protected .exe files still work fine on a different machine.
  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • No background run to provide functionality.

Download KakaExeLock

  1. Renee File Protector

password lock exe filesThis is an easy to use tool that helps Windows users to lock .exe files with a secure password. Renee File Protector requires first-time users to set a master password and email address; this will give them secure access to password lock .exe files.

Renee File Protector features:

  • Ability to password protect data in the shared folder
  • Provide other functions like hiding, protect, lock, monitor, encrypt and also safe delete functions
  • Guest password is provided for access to others.

Download Renee File Protector

  1. Bitlocker

This tool is specially built into Windows to help you encrypt an entire hard drive for a better functional and enhanced security. The tool is available on all major Window OS most especially for Windows 10 users and it is a closed-source program.

Bitlocker features:

  • Encrypted Hard Drive Support
  • Bitlocker device encryption
  • Preboot information protection
  • Manage passwords and pins
  • Configure network unlock
  • Deploy hard drive encryption.

Read more information on Bitlocker

In conclusion, password locking exe files with these top tools can really help secure your program files from any alteration of any kind. Having numerous file locker cannot all secure from viruses and other things, try installing a good antivirus or a reliable VPN.

If you have questions regarding any of the tools we mentioned above, feel free to comment below.


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