Best phone amplifier for hearing impaired [2020 Guide]

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
Managing Editor
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Experiencing hear loss, either partially or totally, can make mundane activities such as hearing the phone ring incredibly difficult, but specialized devices such as telephone ringer amplifiers can make it a bit easier again.

Loud Sound RJ11, Philips Phone Flashing Ringer and ClearSounds CR200 are all such devices that can be connected to your landline and will make their best to notify you whenever you receive a call by amplifying the ringer, displaying flashing lights, while some of them will do both at the same time.


Note: Deals are subject to change. Keep in mind that the price tag often varies. We recommend going on the vendor’s website to check the price. Some of the products may be out of stock by the time you’ve made your purchasing decision. So, hurry up and hit the buy button.

What are the best phone amplifiers for hearing impaired?


Loud Sound RJ11

Phone ringer amplifier Loud Sound RJ11

Loud Sound RJ11 is a cheap telephone (landline) ringer amplifier with a very suggestive name that can increase the chances that hearing-impaired users notice that the phone’s ringing.

This device is small enough to be concealed, features a hanging hole on its back and can be used to amplify the ringer of two telephones at the same time. The sound it generates reaches 75dB (which is just above a barking dog or vacuum cleaner, according to some charts) and can’t be adjusted.


  • Can amplify your phone ringer to 75 dB;
  • Its small size makes it easy to conceal;
  • Can amplify the ringers of 2 telephones at the same time;
  • Doesn’t require batteries, gets its power from the landline;
  • Very cheap;


  • Some users complain that it’s too loud and that the ringing is high-pitched and “weird”;
  • Random short beeps when not in use;

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Arista 24-1433

Arista 24-1433 phone ringer amplifier

Maybe Arista 24-1433’s name won’t speak volumes, but the product’s presentation will. It’s right there on the case: “Telephone Ringer Amplifier” and it does exactly what it says; it amplifies the ringer of analog telephones, helping hearing-impaired users notice that their phone is ringing.

However, compared to other products that only amplify the ringer’s volume, Arista 24-1433 also features a flasher. This way, hearing-impaired users will receive both audio and visual cues that their phone is ringing.


  • Features sound amplifier and flasher;
  • Has a ringer selector module
  • Comes with a volume adjustment knob;


  • Only works with analog landlines;
  • The “In” and “Phone” ports are not labeled;

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Connected Essentials Telephone Ringer Amplifier

Ringer amplifier Connected Essentials Telephone Ringer Amplifier


Connected Essentials Telephone Ringer Amplifier is a device that can help users who experience hearing loss notice that their telephone is ringing by amplifying the volume of the ringer and flashing bright lights, providing them with both audio and visual cues.

The device can be plugged directly into any standard (analog) telephone’s wall socket and requires no batteries since it draws power directly from the landline.


  • The ringer volume can be adjusted;
  • Requires no batteries;
  • The pack includes connection cables;


  • Some users report that the flashing light is not bright enough;

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Philips Phone Flashing Ringer

Ring amplifier Philips Phone Flashing Ringer

Philips Phone Flashing Ringer is a device that can help hearing-impaired users prevent missing calls on their landline telephones by giving them both (amplified) audio and visual cues (in the form of flashing bright lights).

The pack includes the Philips Phone Flashing Ringer unit and a connection cable. Installing the device can be made by connecting a telephone to the “Tel” port and the landline to the “Line” port.

It requires no batteries to run and can be set to flash only or to flash and amplify the ringer at the flick of a switch.


  • Comes with a cable so it can be installed quickly;
  • Has two switchable modes: flash-only or flash + amplified ringer;
  • Requires no batteries to run;


  • No volume adjustment;
  • Some customers complain about the flasher not working as it should;

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ClearSounds CR200

Phone ringer amplifier ClearSounds CR200

ClearSounds CR200 is maybe the most advanced telephone ringer amplifier in our top (hence its price), as it comes with a lot of extra features, ranging from tone (not volume) setting, a volume adjustment slider, and a vibrating ring signaler (which is sold separately) support.

This device can be easily installed, as it comes with a modular phone jack, but requires a 120V electrical outlet nearby to run. ClearSounds CR200 can amplify the ringer to an outstanding 95dB and will also flash bright lights to notify users that their telephone is ringing if set to do so.


  • Amplifies the ringer, flashes and can send signals to a vibrating pad that you can place under your mattress (sold separately);
  • Comes with a lot of adjustable features;
  • Can amplify the ringer to 95dB;
  • Includes tone control levels;


  • Needs to be plugged into a wall outlet;
  • Some users complain it stops working completely after a while;

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A few final words on telephone ringer amplifiers

Hearing-impaired users might be having a hard time noticing certain things, such as their phone ringing, but luckily, specialized devices have made their way on the market and can simplify the way things are, if even just a bit.

ClearSounds CR200, Philips Phone Flashing Ringer and Connected Essentials Telephone Ringer Amplifier are such specialized devices that can amplify the ringer and also provide the users with visual cues, so that little to no phone calls go unanswered.