Windows 10 Anniversary Update to get Picture in Picture feature

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Microsoft could add a new feature called “Picture in Picture” for Windows 10. The update will most likely land with Windows 10 Anniversary Update and the tech company hinted at it in its official roadmap for Windows 10.

According to the same roadmap, the feature will be available only on Windows 10 PCs and tablets. However, it is quite possible that the Redmond company brings this nice feature to Windows 10 Mobile shortly after its launch on PCs and tablets. Speaking of tablets, such a feature will be very useful allowing users to better manage their apps.

Basically, this feature lets you overlay a media content over other apps or parts of the operating system. In other words, you can watch a video from YouTube while you are watching the news via an online TV app – if your multitasking skills allow you do to that.

Most users have to work with more than one app at a given time, so monitoring media content while focusing on other tasks could come in very handy.

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This new feature comes as a response to Apple’s Picture in Picture for iPads and could be considered as an attempt to make the Windows 10 tablets as attractive as Apple’s. Given the range of new features introduced by the company, Microsoft’s tablets will definitely be extremely appetizing for potential buyers.

Speaking of new features, Microsoft has been very generous in offering details about the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update. We know for sure that Windows Ink will allow users to write on their devices as if it were paper and easily share their analog thoughts in a digital format. Cortana will be more helpful and proactive than ever with access to thousand of app. Let us not forget Microsoft Edge, the most secure browser of the company.

Given this flood of new features, we are sure that Microsoft engineering team will work at full speed to include the Picture in Picture feature into the upcoming update, although the company has not yet confirmed this.


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