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Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Pinterest is a popular platform for sharing images and pictures to motivate, educate or promote products and ideas.
  • The platform offers plenty of useful features such as visual search, boards, filters for recipes, a dedicated browser extension, and more.
  • Speaking of browsers, sometimes the Pinterest button may not work on your browser. We compiled this guide to help you fix it.
  • Visit our troubleshooting hub for additional guides that will come in handy when dealing with other browser-related issues.
fix pinterest browser button not working

Pinterest is a great platform for sharing images, pictures, and works of art. It offers a simple way to keep in touch with your friends and people with similar hobbies.

Usually, the platform is error-free, but there are some instances in which users need to fix some issues. One of these problems is related to the browser button.

In other words, the Pinterest browser button is not working.

The Pinterest extension is very useful to those who want to access Pinterest with only one click. So, the Pinterest browser button should run smoothly.

But this is not always the case. Luckily, we have some solutions for you to fix the issue in no time.

What to do if Pinterest browser button isn’t working?

1. Try a different browser

UR browser Pinterest browser button not working

Sometimes, this issue can be caused by a your web browser, and in order to fix the issue, it’s advised to try a different browser.

There are many great browsers on the market, but if you want a safe and reliable browser, UR Browser would be a great choice.

UR Browser uses the same engine as Chrome, meaning that it can use all of Chrome’s extensions. Unlike Chrome, UR Browser won’t send any of your data to Google, so your privacy will remain protected.

This browser also has various other privacy features, such as built-in VPN, tracking protection, built-in adblocker, and malware protection, so if you’re looking for a new browser, be sure to consider UR Browser.

Want to learn more about UR Browser? Check out our in-depth review!

2. Clear cache and cookies

This issue might appear if you didn’t clear the cache and cookies from your browser for a long time. These temporary internet files could get corrupted, so it will affect your browser.

For Google Chrome, follow the steps below to delete the cache and cookies. For other browsers, the steps are somewhat similar.

  1. Press Shift + Ctrl + Delete to open the Clear browsing data menu.
  2. Select All time as the time range.
  3. Select Browsing history, Download history, Cookies, and other site data, Cached images and files.
  4. Click on the Clear Data button.clear browsing data Pinterest browser button doesn't work

Delete temporary files with one click with the help of this great tool!

3. Disable other extensions

Some extensions might not be good for your browser. Disable them one by one to see which extension causes the issue.

Also, we recommend you not to keep a great number of extensions because they might affect your browser‘s performance.

4. Update your browser

An updated browser is more efficient and secure. Keep in mind to update your browser constantly to have an error-free online experience.

Moreover, updating your browser might fix your Pinterest browser button.


If the Pinterest browser button is not working, we have a few solutions for you that will work.

Usually, this problem is not as serious as it seems and can be solved with basic operations that are beneficial to your browser. You can update your browser, clear the cache and cookies or check if one of your extensions is faulty.

Did you find our solutions helpful? Do let us know in the comments section below!

FAQ: Learn more about Pinterest

  • Why is my Pinterest button not working?

There might be several reasons why your Pinterest button is not working, including incompatible browser extensions, a heavily loaded browser cache, Javascript issues, and more.

  • How do I add the Pinterest button to my browser?

If you want to connect your browser to your Pinterest account, open the Chrome Web Store and search for the Pinterest Save Button extension. Click on the Add to Chrome button. To add an image to your board, simply click on the Pinterest extension in your browser, select the image you want to save and then click on the board where you want to store it.

  • Why can’t I save pins on Pinterest anymore?

If Pinterest fails to save pins, there might be a glitch somewhere. To fix it, sign out of your Pinterest account and then log back on, clear your browser cache and cookies or switch to another browser.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in September 2019 and has since been updated for freshness and accuracy.